SRAM Tour & Taxi is an extended application version/platform of SRAM Holidays, managing transfer services. The application serves as a dedicated marketplace for tour and taxi operators, both domestic and international, serving all kinds of B2B and B2C consumers.

SRAM T&T offering for Service Providers

  • Healthy Competitive Environment where only Service & Price matters
  • Paid Listing for Partners akin Google CPC
  • Unique Identification Cards for Authentication
  • Compulsory Registration & Verification for Agents: Tours, Travel, Taxi, Guides & Hospitality
  • International Exposure, 24 x 7 Travel Booking Enquiries
  • Exclusive Login Panel to Manage Services & Products
  • Dedicated Website & Email Configuration
  • Real-Time Travel CRM Dashboard: Post Currently Active Services & Products
  • Booking & Cancellation Reports
  • Payment Gateway: Transparent & Instantaneous Settlement Process
  • Offers Management: Post currently active Discounts & Special Offers
  • Email & Push Notifications
  • Communications Platform: Email, Mailbox, Live Chat etc akin to Facebook
  • Agents Blogs & Forums

SRAM T&T offerings for B2B & B2C Customers

  • Unique Identification Cards across your Travel Itinerary
  • Exclusive Search of Registered Agents, Tour & Travel Packages, Accommodation etc
  • Secure Login Control to Manage Profile and Travel itinerary
  • Security/Safety Features: Emergency Helpline, SOS, Embassy Contact Info etc
  • One-Point Access to Genuine Registered Agents: Tours, Travel, Taxi, Guides & Hospitality
  • Dedicated Travel CRM: Wish-list, Detailed Booking & Cancellation Info, Invoices, Exclusive Offers
  • Products & Services Catalog: Comprehensive Details, Images, Feedback, Rating, Discounts/Offers etc
  • Wallet & Payment Gateways
  • Communications Platform: Email, Mailbox, Live Chat etc
  • Digital & Social Media Integration
  • Self-Help Support: Online Chat, FAQ, Blogs & Forums etc
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