SRAM & MRAM Group provides ALDIS, fully integrated & real-time operative Airport Landing Dues Information System (ALDIS). The airport solution is the successor to the market leading ALDIS software which has been installed in over twenty-five airports.

  • Airport Data Management System
  • Credit, Cash Billing &Invoicing Engine
  • Financial&Statistical Information System

ALDIS, is the front end to an Airport Management System, displaying information to the public in a pre-defined format with detailscreated/managed/triggered from

  • Apron System
  • Handling Agent System
  • Passenger Information System
  • Staff Information System Web

Security Sentinel

With the advent of IATA&primes 2D Barcode Resolution 722C/792 covering the use of PDF417 barcodes on boarding passes, airlines are now allowing passengers to print their own boarding passes, bypass the normal check-in process, proceed directly to security and speed up the transit through an airport.

The major benefit is for frequent flyers, business travelers and passengers with only hand luggage.The ALDIS swiftly verifies the e-boarding passes on-behalf of the airport security staff with real-time information viz.

  • The point of origin is valid
  • The flight number is valid
  • The sequence number has not been used previously
  • The seat number has not been used previously
  • The date of the flight is the current day
  • The door or gate is still open

Gate Guardian

ALDIS helps the airport/airline staff to diligently check the e-boarding passes at the gate to ensure the following by flight:

  • The point of origin is valid
  • The flight number is valid
  • The sequence number has not been used previously
  • The seat number has not been used previously
  • The date of the flight is the current day
  • The flight has not been cancelled

ATC / ATM Systems

SRAM & MRAM Group with its two decade of technical expertise, can provide comprehensive solution for civil and military collaborative radar and procedural ATC, data processing and working positions.

The fully integrated TWR-APP-ACC air situation awareness with surveillance, flight and airspace data processing complies with aviation standards, operational safety and reliability demands.

The ATC / ATM systems include components used as independent systems or natively integrated with aggregated maintenance.

  • Controller Working Positions
  • Safety Nets
  • Surveillance Data Processing
  • Flight Data Processing
  • Recording & Replay System
  • Voice Communications System
  • ATIS
  • Time Reference System & clock
  • Training Simulator Radar & Aerodrome


  • Complete system from single manufacturer
  • User independence
  • Guaranteed future growth as investment protection

Key Features

  • Performance ATC controller workplace with Operational Logic, Functional Ergonomicsand Collaborative Decision Making
  • Highly integrated environment with unique cross-systems functions
  • Real-time flight monitoring and events processing
  • 100% Flexibility & Scalability

Voice Communicaton Systems

The VoIP solution – inside and outside – based integrating radio, telephone, hot-lineand intercom, suitable as operational or fallback VCS system. Concept applied grantsthis VCS exceptional features and high level of resistance against failure.

  • Voice Communications System
  • Recording & Replay System
  • ATIS
  • Time Reference System
  • Voice Recognition & Synthesis
  • Controller Stress Monitor


  • Fully digital chain between operator and transceiver
  • COTS hardware
  • Monitoring and voice sharing available in country-wide network

Key Features

  • Color touch-screen Control Panel and set of audio accessories
  • Configurable
  • Analog and VoIP radios, network and remote control
  • Analog and VoIP PBX and telephones
  • Special features for simulators


The traditional Digital NOTAM (D-NOTAM) reformed with AIXM 5.1. The task of ORION designed for airport is to collect, manage and avail a comprehensive database of NOTAMS.


  • Guided NOTAM preparation eliminating errors
  • Unique geographical elements reference
  • Multi-airspace geographical database (from AIPs)
  • Independent collection of NOTAMs ready for pilots and ATC

Key Features

  • Static airspace database
  • Dynamic D-NOTAM database
  • Cross-checks and graphical access to information
  • Receive and send D-NOTAMs in AIXM 5.1 format
  • Export D-NOTAMS for pilots’ briefing
  • Export D-NOTAMS into ATM system

Air Traffic Control/Management - Simulation

SRAM through its partners designs, installs and maintains turnkey automation,telecommunication and information systems for air traffic management, including:

  • State of the art digital and analog voice communicationsystems (VCS), with flexible and customizable HMI andrecording options, optimized for low-band networks(VSAT)and compliant to ICAO and EUROCAE standards.
  • Integrated tower working position(ITWP), a scalable operating position whichconcentrates, in a single software interface, the monitoring and control of multiple airfield systems: runways lighting, AFTN, AMHS, AIS, time synchronization, ATIS, DATIS,weather information, NAVAIDS, blinds, access and CCTV control, power generation status…
  • IP VCS simulator(Voice@Net), used for controllers training in the field of radio and telephone communications.
  • ScanSim(SIMULAVIA consortium), a simulation system which covers controllers training for radar and procedural control services.
  • The team has capability to provide turnkey solutions for fixed ormobile control towers, telecommunication shelters, or remote VHF/VSAT stations. Alsosolutions for achieving AFISNET and REDDIG networks

Telecommunication, Radio Communication & Data Networks

SRAM & MRAM Group’s core business is Networking. The expert teammaster alltypes of network, design appropriate technical architectures to suit precise needs of any data type communication (Voice, Data, Image) overany distance (local, national, continental, worldwide):

  • Ground to ground and ground to air radiocommunications: MF, HF, VHF, UHF, remote VHF/VSATstations, TETRA, INMARSAT.
  • Telephony: IPBX, PABX
  • Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Internetaccess, network security and integrity, cyber-defense,data centers
  • Fiber optics, MicroWave, Mesh, GSM-R… infrastructures
  • These core competencies apply to aeronautics and many other business fields inwhich SRAM is involved: oil & gas (offshore & onshore facilities), homeland security,transportation, power distribution.
  • Skills aided with experience and knowledge: site survey, design, procurement, integration, installation & commissioning,onsite training, hotline & maintenance make up the bulk of a full range of basicservices that we delight to share with our customers.

Airfield Infrastructures

SRAM also provides with the runway infrastructure devices & systems:

  • Production and backup power plants: fossil-fuel andhybrid powered generators, solar panels and windturbines. Wiring and distribution
  • Runway lighting, signaling and access control
  • Navaids: VOR, ILS, DME, NDB, DF
  • Weather stations
  • Air traffic controllers and service agents control andmonitor all of the systems, from the control tower orany networked location, thanks to our centralizedITWP software solutions.

Safety / Security of Goods and People

With a wide experience in homeland security projects(cities, defense, and criticalinfrastructures), SRAM can provide solutions for safety and security of persons andgoods in airports, including:

  • Perimetral protection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video surveillance: CCTV,image recording &processing, video walls
  • Access control for public and restricted areas
  • Video management systems and Control rooms
  • The group has association with the world leading manufacturers. Along with skilled integration abilitythat opens the door to the world of the most advanced technologies in the“safety/security” domain.
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