Agri-Commodity & Organic Produces


SRAM & MRAM Group’s banquet of services and product portfolio extends to Agriculture and Agro-products. The group actively participates in the comprehensive agri-cycle viz.,production, packaging, promoting and marketing of organic, healthy, finest quality agricultural and marine produces.

The millennial generation has rooted its preference of organic food, creating a worldwide phenomenal demand-supply chain of best quality organic produces. The organic market has gradually gathered a sizeable proportion of the incessant global food demand, with brands and entrepreneurs investing in technology and renewed R&D efforts to explore the unmatched potential of the trending market.

SRAM & MRAM Group understands the global village concept of organic farming and products. The group has been actively engaging the patronage of partnerships with local land owners, farmers, farmer associations, farmer owner-producer companies as well.

SRAM & MRAM Group, over the last two decades, has established trustworthy global trading partnerships with the best quality producers, buyers and sellers of domestic & International agricultural produces across the world. The agricultural commodity trading is handled by an experienced team, maintaining a calendar of seasonal and yearly produces of 100 plus countries.  

Organic Farm Ingredients – Spices, Edible Oils & Oil Seeds (Soya oil etc), Drumstick, Jaggery, Sugar,

Organic Food Grains – Rice varieties such as Indian Basmati and Jasmine rice, Wheat, Cereals, Pulses such as Black Gram, Cow Pea, Green Gram, Chickpeas, Horse Gram, Pigeon pea, Kidney beans, Corn, Barley & Maize

Organic Dry Fruits – Cashew, beetlenutsetc

Organic Medicinal Herbs

Seafood– Raw & Processed - Salmon, Tuna, Shrimps, Prawns and many other seafood varieties

Organic Vegetable and Fruit pulps – Fresh & Processed

Wine – exclusive collector’s edition to commercial produces

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