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SRAM & MRAM Group in association with its group company ATD Group launching its maiden EV project during March 2022 in India. The EV brand named ‘Canopus’ comes with the prestigious Made-In-India tag.

CANOPUS EV Scooters, the Made-In-India shimmering aura of EV goodness 

Canopus is already generating interests across the globe by being the latest technology driven green initiative project of the UK based conglomerate, SRAM MRAM Group. For more than a decade the group has been implementing new-age technologies in the field of water treatment, green housing, waste management etc..

With a 100 crore investment program, Canopus electric scooter, is being launched in four variants Aurora, Scarlett, Colette and Valeria offering the highest performance in the EV segment with its INR 20 paise per Km. TheIoT based telematics, TFT Dashboard, Mobile App will deliver battery status, riding modes, geofencing, GPS tracking, SOS features and Roadside Assistance. Crowning the beauty with the performance are its elegant and stylish LED lights, RGB LED, front alloy wheel, 10 inch tire, heavy duty BLDC hub motor, center locking feature and charging port for the millennial generation rider’s delight.

The fast charging battery will charge to 80% in a record time of 30 minutes, with an added feature of Korean wind power technology increasing the energy efficiency of the battery.

ATD SRAMMRAM is also working on launching its charging stations across the country. The sleek design comes equipped with an in-house tailor-made motor and a fusion of patented German and Korean technologies viz., CAMIVT for transmission, FOC technology for controller etc. The brand’s R&D centre in Ahmedabad will continue its efforts in making Canopus electric scooters 99% indigenious, making the brand the most sought after product in the international EV segment. 

Canopus electric scooters are priced with an economical price tag attracting both urban and rural customers across the Indian subcontinent. The group company’s business network across Cambodia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Georgia, Bangladesh and its headquarters in the United Kingdom will enable seamless promotions of the brand worldwide with dedicated sales, customer support, trained service technicians and charging stations. 

Authorized Dealers& Channel Partners

SRAM MRAM Group and ATD Group are in the process of appointing Authorized Dealers across the Indian subcontinent for its Canopus brand of scooters and bikes. 

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