Quantum Water Technology

Why Quantum Water Technology

Geologists and Hydrologists have concluded that our planet’s water reserves are becoming scarce. The solution is to identify non-conventional water sources viz, underground water tables, lakes, rivers and glaciers etc.

Locating an underground water source can be time consuming and expensive. As an alternative to practiced conventional geological survey, we have developed a cutting edge technology to identify this pivotal natural resource.


Our Quantum Water Technology is one of its kind; utilizing high resolution and accurate satellite computing imagery and earth condition analysis to pin point the underground water source. This is carried out at our geological facilities in Germany.

Underground water sources are interconnected with support of perennial water supply and prevail in high pressure depths of 100 and 250 meters below ground level. The potable water is immune to pollutants and contamination. Tapping these underground water reservoirs helps in increasing the ground water level.

The Quantum Water Technology helps to pin point the exact and feasible location to drill and extract the water. The system assigns accurate GPS coordinates as the exact spot for drilling, which is obtained by installing 3 GPS transponders in the perimeter. Once the location is identified and finalized, our expert drilling team carries out the precision drilling.

The latest technology and equipment enables us to locate underground natural resources via remote surveys, without the need to actually visit the site. The effective analysis methodology measures the quantum physiological phenomena, which are not feasible with conventional measuring instruments and procedures.

In short, our Quantum Water Technology delivers zero-ambiguity, precision results with convenience of using latest proven technology, with below features

Remote Surveys – Saves cost, time and effort of manpower

Accuracy - Ability to locate water reservoirs closer to the access point

High Precision – Accuracy of GPS location for drilling

Why choose us

  • The Quantum Water Technology is the best technically futuristic, effective and best proven solution for locating underground water sources.
  • The Quantum Water Technology is the only technology that practically and efficiently minimizes the risks and costs involved in drilling activities.
  • The only technology delivering successful and proven results, compared to conventional geological methods.
  • The team comprises of industry experts and technology professionals who are highly result driven and customer service oriented.
  • We offer 100% guaranteed service, we get paid only if we are able to successfully locate a water source
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