SRAM & MRAM Group’s exclusive futuristic technical offering to the ever-growing online retail industry is an e-commerce portal developed exclusively for the global internet retail market and its consumers. Leading the vivacious digital retail market with revolutionized consumer experience centric approach, the portal will avail

  • 24 x 7 online presence: International exposure
  • Leading consumer products to new entry brands
  • Scalable in-house technology
  • Single Platform for B2B and B2C market segments
  • Transparent Merchandising – Inventory, price, availability etc
  • Digital Marketing Intelligence
  • Omni & Multichannel retailing facilities
  • Sales Management – Order, COD, Return, Refund etc
  • Revenue Generation and Tracking – Finance, Accounting etc
  • E-wallets & PGI: Inhouse developed e-wallet to manage multiple currencies
  • Subscribers Management – Newsletters, Offers Management, etc
  • CRM – Customer preference, Shopping Patterns
  • Business Intelligence Tool & MIS Reports

With, the substantial higher ROI is achieved by long term business, profitability, attaining returns, increased user base, enhanced trust levels, healthy competitive environment for brands, surpassing assortment of product catalogues etc.

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