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oil and gas

SRAM MRAM Group’s trading team backed by two decades of multinational and multi-corporate operational experience, has gained luminous legacy in executing the import and export of crude oil and its ancillary products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, fuel oils, heating oil, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum naphtha etc.  

The international network of our trading offices located in all key oil trading regions, specializes in identifying and procuring the key crude grades and ever-changing market dynamics. The team specializes in establishing long term relationships between oil producers, refineries, logistics partners, storage service providers etc.  The team also assesses the trading related risks and offers the most essential financial investment expert advice to clients and customers across the globe. 

SRAM MRAM Group for more than two decades has gained the trust of being the reliable trader of crude oil and its ancillary products across the globe. Addressing the rising global demand and supply chain, the group has an established international network of import-export operators, working round the clock to ensure seamless and on-time goods delivery to clients.

By establishing association with the market leading supplier and procurement agencies, the group operates its freight operations, via land and sea network, for the classified supply of foreign and domestic crude oils to refineries with precision. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable trading experts, choose the pick-up and delivery terminals based on the capacity and capability to load and unload barrels, barges and trucks for the high quality petroleum products.

SRAM MRAM Group, enshrined by rich corporate ethics of an ambitious management team, comprises of select technocrats of the global technology industry and multifaceted proficient market leaders investing in the better future for the humanity. The management team has engrained their leadership qualities and futuristic business initiatives in its petroleum product trading team ensuring customer satisfaction and consumer market renovation. 

Reach us with your trading queries and petroleum product enquiries, our expert team will get in touch with you to offer the best solutions and suggestions for your import and export requirements. 


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