About Sram & Mram IPTV Solutions

SRAM & MRAM Groupis an exclusive provider of All-In-One Playout and Broadcast Automation Software solution. The software is the Broadcastingand Playout Solution for any Small, Medium, Large Terrestrial or Web & IPTV Station. Awell-structured UI is accompanied with features required for seamless daily workflow. Italso provides live streaming services at affordable price. 

SRAM CDN Pops are located all aroundthe world, with constantupgrades and expansions in the CDN network in order toaccommodate increasing market demand. For the Delivery platform our Developer Team integrates the Player in the respective website to make the Video constantly available on all Devices. 


SRAM Content Delivery Network

SRAMCDN offers live streaming services at 5 cents per GB. An efficient content delivery network (or CDN), at any instance, based on user requestsfor live content, will deliver it from the closest server to minimize bandwidth requirements andprovide the smoothest video stream possible. 

  • CDN for Live Streaming and Video On Demand
  • Geo blocking (You decide the region of presence of your live content).
  • DVR (Trick play: forward, rewind and pause)
  • Domain locking (No unauthorized viewing and complete protection of your content).
  • SRAM CDN New features recently.
  • Stream Offline notification to Email / SMS (Monitor your streams 24/7)
  • SRAM makes the combined availability check of any given stream, analyses it and finds bottlenecks.
  • The check over is performed via distributed network of checkpoints where each checkpoint is aspecial server powered by SRAM instance.
  • HLS, HDS, Smooth, RTSP, RTMP, Icecast, Shoutcast and DASH protocols are supported withSSL/TLS for HLS, RTMP and RTSP.
  • Bandwidth Alert notification to Email / SMS
  • Peer-to-peer streaming Supported by SRAM.
  • SRAM can be used as an origin for various streaming scenarios. One of them is HTTP peer-to-peer streaming. This technology allows off-loading origin server or delivery network byexchanging media data between viewers.

SRAM & MRAM Network Locations

SRAM & MRAM offers three different types of scheduling

  • North America: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Toronto , Phoenix, San Jose and Toronto
  • South America: São Paulo
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Roubaix, Prague, Brussels
  • Asia: Singapore
  • Oceania (Australia): Sydney
  • Playlist
  • Schedule
  • Playlist Schedule

CDN Reporting features and Dashboard

  • In-depth reporting
  • Individual per-file and per-stream statistics
  • Connections, traffic, view time, devices and browsers
  • Filtering by dates and resource names
  • Making groups of files and streams
  • Comparing files and streams for selected period
  • Combined stats per selected period
  • Sorting of most and least parameters value

Live streaming: Live Streaming is all about your bandwidth!

This feature is apt for organizations covering events all around the globe and being more mobile in collating news and usingit as live breaking news.

Video on demand storage and delivery

  • VOD allows subscribers to view programming in a real – time or download programs and watch later.
  • If large number of consumers demands multiple programs on daily basis, the total amount of data involved can overwhelm network resources.
  • Here is the simple technology used by SRAM CDN called store and forward, which means we store programs in a geographical distributed server and provide programs to local users upon request.

CDN Tasks for Live Streaming, VOD Delivery

Paywall Features

Hot-link protection

  • Restrict your media from un-authorized re-streaming

Geo-location and IP ranges restrictions

  • Allow people connect only from designated countries. Restrict access per list ofcountries. Set up IP ranges allowed or denied to view media.

Limit connections and bandwidth

  • Set up a number of simultaneous connections.
  • Set up bandwidth for connections.
DRM and SSL in Nimble Streamer
  • Verimatrix VCAS support for protection live streaming content.
  • AES-128 encryption per HLS RFC for live and VOD content.
  • AES-128 encryption per HLS RFC for live and VOD content.
  • AES-128 encryption per HLS RFC for live and VOD content.
  • Re-streaming of SSL protected HLS content.
Pay-per-view framework
  • Set up a handler within your server farm to process data about clients.
  • Add a short code snippet to your web pages to make special media URL signature.
  • Set up authentication rules in web control panel.
  • Control streaming behaviour according to your business logic as you need.
  • Collect high-detail per-user view statistics.

SRAM Playout Automation – Key Features

A Smart, Configurable Playlist Manager

  • Stability Is Tested Via Extreme Automated Testing Procedures.
  • Server-Client Technology for Un-Interrupted Stable Playback
  • On-Air Playlist Editing. Add, Remove Or Reorder The List Of Media Files During Playback.
  • Mixing PAL and NTSC Files in One Playlist, Keeping Proper Frame Rate and Interlacing
  • Format.
  • Mixed Playout (Files Of Various Resolution, Frame Rate, Audio-Video Compression Or File
  • Container In The Same Playlist).
  • Seamless File Switching: Start Playback of A New File Without Any Delay.
  • All Supported Video & Audio Formats Codecs Are Packed With SRAM
  • With SRAM Prebuild Codecs You Will Experience Seamless, Smooth & Stable Playout
  • No Third-Party Encoders or Muxers Required
  • Designed For 24/7 Crash-Free Performance: The Decoding Process Is Independent From The
  • Main Application And Will Auto-Recover On Fail (I.E. Bad File).
  • Seamless Switching Between Media Files and Live Video, URL Inputs.
  • Media Trimmer and Splitter. Non-destructive Editing For Each And Every File in Playlist.
  • Live Feeds and Network Streams As Input Sources

    On-The-Fly Configuration (Add, Remove, Reorder). 

  • Changing Of The Item Properties (Including Items That Are Currently Played). 

  • 24/7 Playlist Items Scheduling In Real Time.
  • All Of The Input Sources (Any Format) Can Be Converted Into A Specific For A PlaylistFormat.
  • Virtual Source Support (Enables The Output To Be Available As DirectShow Source Filter IfThis Stream Is To Be Used With Third-Party Applications Such As The Flash Media LiveEncoder).
  • Playlist Loop.
  • Seamless Ingest From Professional Video Capture Boards, Low-Latency Capture Integration with Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast.
  • Quality Output to Professional Broadcast Hardware, Low-Latency Output to Blackmagic
  • Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast. nt.

Broadcast-Quality Character Generator: Key Features

  • Compositions Support for Easier Overlay Design Management, Smooth Transitions between Compositions.
  • Smooth Change of Item Size, Position, Transparency, Background or View Area.
  • Item Movement, Acceleration, Fade In/Fade Out and Entrance/Exit Effects, ConfigurableAnimation Sequences.
  • Unlimited Number of Text, Image or Graphics Items to Overlay.
  • Smooth Item Edges For Better Display On Low-Resolution Devices.
  • Scaling or Cropping Of Input Video to Squeeze into an Overlay Scene.
  • Special Text Items for Time & Date, Time Code, and Frame Number Overlays.
  • Change Item Properties (Text, Font, Size, Color, Etc.) during Playback.
  • Scaling Without Quality Loss (For All Available Item Types Except For Raster Images).
  • Several Scaling Modes with Automatic Adjustment to the Input Video's Aspect Ratio.
  • Textures Support for Text or Graphics Fill, Outline, and Background.
  • Item References To Save Resources And Simplify Management/Control.
  • Interlaced Video Support (For Smooth Transitions, Movements, Etc.).
  • Overlay Custom Dynamic Images (Such As 3D Animations).
  • Grouping Of Items for Complex Overlay Designs.
  • Z-Order Setting For the Video Stream.
  • Z-Order Setting For the Video Stream.
  • Acceleration during a Change of Item Position.
  • Smooth Fade-In/Fade Out Of Moving Items (Such As Crawls and Rolls) Via Custom ViewAreaMasks.

  • VariousEffects:Blur, Glow,MotionBlur etc.
  • VariousAnimatedEffectson ItemMovement and Entrance/Exit
  • Text Overlay Features


  • ScalingOfTextwithoutQualityLoss.
  • OutlinedTextSupport.
  • Word-Break,Vertical,Tab-Stop,Uppercase,LowercaseandOtherFlags.
  • TextEffects:Shadow,Glow,MotionBlur,RotationEtc.
  • GradientFillforText,OutlineandBackground(WithTransparency).
  • Graphics Overlay Features

    SupportedFigures:Rects,Round, Rects,Ellipses,Polygons,StarsEtc.

  • GradientFill,OutlineandBackground.

Supported Audio & Video formats

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