SRAM MRAM Group is the one of the world’s leading and fast growing rough and cut diamond trading company with extensive business network of diamond explorers, miners, graders, jewelers and retail marketers. Global clientele, from businesses to individual, seeking best quality diamonds can choose from the exclusive diamond collection. 

SRAM MRAM Group and its trusted business partners present the best rough and cut diamonds that are certified by the global institutions ensuring the investor’s interest and the brand value. All of the group’s product are sourced professionally and ethically, establishing a holistic approach in the mining industry practices. Adding glitter to the investor profits, the best rough, cut and clear diamonds are the choice of experienced investors, investment enthusiasts and the millennial first-time collectors.

SRAM MRAM Group are the industry leaders in infusing the latest technology and outstanding human resources to the precious metals industry across the world. We are the world’s leading globally accredited gold and diamond traders, promoting gold and diamond products that are accepted across global commodity exchanges and central banking institutions. SRAM MRAM Group and its global business network engrains the best business practices, product excellence and innovation in all its business verticals, especially the precious metal industry which strives on the purest and finest of the product quality. 

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