SRAM & MRAM Agriculture

SRAM & MRAM Group’s banquet of services and product portfolio extends to Agriculture and Agro-products. The group actively participates in the comprehensive agri-cycle viz growing, harvesting, packing, marketing and delivering healthy, beneficial, finest quality agricultural and marine produces.Catering to incessant global food demand, the group’s R&D efforts are driven to engage customers with efficient and competitive demand-supply chain.


Organic Farming

SRAM & MRAM Group understands the global village concept of organic farming, with the patronage of activepartnerships with clusters of local land owners, farmers, farmer associations, farmer owns producer companies. The worldwide phenomenal, consistent and assured quality organic produce is stored in hi-tech warehouse facilities, ready to meet the demand-supply of international clients.

Organic integrity established with

  • Dependable & Proven Methods
  • Defiant of climatic changes
  • Resistant to pests (airborne & soil)
  • High production output - product quality, test reports and certifications
  • High nutritional density
  • Low water & carbon footprint
  • Conserving Energy, Soil & Water1

Controlled Environment Agriculture: CEA

Controlled Environment Agriculture in comparison with conventional farming techniques, uses 90% less water, 100% less soil, 50% less energy and increases produce by 600% around the year. CEA also repurposes unused/abandoned urban space, eradicates pesticides, supports speedy production of highly nutritious agricultural and marine produce.



A scientific soil-less farming method, plants grow in a nutrient loaded re-usable water solution with sunlight or sunlight alike source. Readily available nutrients help the plants to grow quick and offerfresh produce all around the year. Effectively eradicates the requirement for pesticides, herbicides and fresh water. Apt for indoor spaces.



A symbiotic farming method, combining Hydroponics and Fish Aquaculture. Fish provide nutrients and plants provide filtered water.Fish waste fodders the nitrifying bacteria, converting ammonia into nitrates, helping plantsto absorb, grow and produce round the year.

Our Product Offerings:

It is the small details that will make a big difference For two decades, the group has established trustworthy exclusive global trading partnerships with buyers and sellers of Domestic & International produce across the world.

  • Organic Farm Ingredients – Spices, Edible Oils & Oil Seeds (Soya oiletc), Drumstick, Jaggery, Sugar,
  • Organic Food Grains – Rice varieties such as Indian Basmati and Jasmine rice, Wheat, Cereals, Pulses such as Black Gram, Cow Pea, Green Gram, Chickpeas, Horse Gram, Pigeon pea, Kidney beans, Corn, Barley & Maize
  • Organic Dry Fruits – Cashewnuts, beetlenutsetc
  • Organic Medicinal Herbs
  • Seafood– Raw & Processed - Salmon, Tuna, Shrimps, Prawns and many other seafood varieties
  • Organic Vegetable and Fruit pulps – Fresh & Processed
  • Wine – exclusive collector’s edition to commercial produces
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