SRAM FCM (Franchisee Management)

SRAM FCM Franchisee Management software is an exclusive solution for franchisors investing in turn-key business models. The software adapts and addresses the operational challenges faced in managing a franchise, franchisee, franchisor and customers viz., generating leads, optimizing facilities, maximizing company’s revenue potential and keeping track of ROI.

The web and cloud-basedsoftware helps the franchisee to perform and accomplish a 360-degree view of the sales cycle, customer satisfaction and revenue generation pipeline.The software solutions offers both intranet and internet features, scalable and customizable dashboards with key information and updates. Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications for uninterrupted workflow across all outlets.

SRAM FCM 100% responsive and mobile compatible, available in android and iOS platforms as well.

SRAM FCM will help a franchise to increase sales, reach higher customer satisfaction, maximisefranchisee satisfaction levels, transparent reporting and better visibility for the Franchise, Franchisee and the Franchisor.


SRAM FCM (Franchisee Management)

  • Franchise Management

    Development, Training, Management & Support

  • Franchisee Management

    Development, Management and Performance

  • Franchisor Management

    create, manage, oversee franchises, franchisee, revenue sharing ratios, outlet-wise performanceetc

  • Business Intelligent Tool

    Management Centric Reports, Digital Marketing using BI Data

  • Central POS & Operations 

    Kitchen, Warehouse, Outlets, Revenue Collection with Predefined User Access Roles

  • Inventory Control 

    Loss Prevention, Recipe Management, Multi Chain Solutions

  • Smart Card Management

    Issue, recharge, validate MSR cards, manage refunds

  • Zero Revenue Leakage

     Void Sales alert, Consumption Variance Alert

  • Mobility Solutions

    Mobile app for Business Owners – Real Time Data - enjoy Improved, Independent & Direct Access to Info

  • Franchise Management

    Sales Data Integration, Procurement Management, Revenue Sharing Prediction model

  • Finance & Accounts Management

    Payable – Receivable – Expense – Income – GL Reports, P&L, BS

  • Social Media Integration

    Direct Access to your Social Media Platforms

    Digital Marketing

    Grow business with Digital Marketing & Business Intelligent Data from your restaurant

  • CRM

    Build your Own Real-Time Customer Database

  • o Daily Offers Management: Create offers in Real Time & Push to Social Media
    o Loyalty Programs Management: Across Outlets beyond Geographical Boundaries
    o Foot Fall Management: Capture real time customer age & gender data across various outlets
  • Feedback

    Listen & Analyze Real-Time Customer Feedback across various outlets

  • Email/Push Notifications  

    Mobile app for Business Owners – Real time data – PO via email to suppliers

  • Flexibility

    Personalized and Customized Software– Solutionsfor your unique daily operational needs

  • Technical Support

    24 x 7 live support team

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