Sai Ka Geet – Organic A2 Ghee


‘Sai Ka Geet’ an elite organic A2 ghee, made from India’s native gir cow milk, free of preservatives and chemicals, delivers the divinity of food in its purest form. The rich flavor, color and texture of the ghee is the promise of nature, preserved by generations of India’s rich cuisine and heart-centric culture.

The traditional hand churning preserves the goodness of the milk and its nutrients.The ghee is packed in an immaculate glass container preserving the chemical and preservative free product for the delight of its customers.

The highest of hygienic preparation and attractive packaging is done with motherly attention, making the product worthy to be consumed by all ages of the group’s global clientele.  The ghee is stored in hi-tech warehouse facilities, ready to be shipped to foodies across the globe.

SaiKaGeet has been successfully engaging local farmers in producing the best quality organic A2 milk and empowering the women with satisfying employment opportunities. The brand visions to continue promoting its highest quality organic A2 ghee to international clientele from local farmers with the purest of motherly Indian love and affection for the better of humanity.

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