Developed by SRAM MRAM Group, Vpick will surpass being a trusted brand, becoming an evangelist for seamless in-land freight operations, changing the face of logistics industry with its innovative technology.

Vpickaims to make customers feel as good as owning their own vehicle, with responsive mobile app &24x7 call-centre.

Vpick will provide doorstep pick-up & delivery for all ranges of B2B and B2C customers. Transporting goods in-land both intercity and intracity.

Vpick will build affinity with its target audiences viz., Drivers, Fleet Operators, Customers acrossMalaysia, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh Cyprus, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and Bahrain.

  • Vpick :Mobile APP – for Android & IOS Platforms
  • In-Land Freight Management Service – Intracity& Intercity
  • DoorStep Pick-up & Delivery of Goods – listing all freight management services under one roof.
  • Payment – Vpick Wallet - Convenient, Transparent, Quick
  • GPS Enabled mobile app – Realtime tracking of customer and vehicle.
  • CRM – Ratings of Customers & Drivers, Creating healthy competition between Fleet operators
  • Manage Global Presence - 5 countries
  • Unlimited Fleet :Vpick - Does not own or operate its own fleet, but aggregates operators of all range, also single vehicle owners.

    • 5000+ Vehicles (Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Cyprus & Czech Republic)

    • 2000+ Vehicles (Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand & Bahrain)

  • ROI – Helps Customers and Fleet Operators engage maximum results for the cost.

Vpick - Integrated Strategic Approach – Freight Management

Vpick will aggregate all divisions of freight management under one roof. Seamlessly operating all range of vehicles, also single vehicle owners with its GPS enabled mobile app – real-time tracking of customer, vehicle. This will help customers to book vehicles in vicinity. It will come handy for drivers to locate and navigate to customers with ease.

Vpick is backed by an exclusive global portfolio – in-land freight management across 5 countries, both intercity and intracity operations. Its innovative technology aided service will avail cost-effective technology solution - easy to integrate with existing business – B2B & B2C.

Vpick for all!

·        Countries of Operations
Malaysia, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh Cyprus, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and Bahrain.

·         Individual Customers

o   Families – Occasional

o   Working Men & Women – Erratic/Last-Minute

o   Young Adults – In-Sync with Digital Media – Influencing decision makers with facts/info

·         Fleet Operators

o   B2B – Commercial Bulk Goods Transport

o   B2C – Residential / Individual Goods Transport

·         Single Vehicle Owners

o   Trained Professionals with Own Vehicle - limited investments in marketing and promotions

·         Drivers

o   Trained Professionals – Execute Trips with respective payments

·         Packers

o   Trained Resources – segregating, packing and moving goods on and off the loading vehicle.

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