SRAM MRAM Group’s mission is to create value to its stakeholders through it’s brand, projects, products and services portfolio. The group has several successfully operating business divisions internationally, also has been a host for some of the world’s largest and highly anticipated mining projects. The management team on predicting an onset of global mining boom, launched a high profile initiative in its mining division, in countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.


SRAM MRAM Group’s management team, lead by our Chairperson Mr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, comprises of an active board of members, highly professional individuals with in-depth knowledge of mining, exploration, and financial experience. The group’s worldwide network helps in maintaining an amicable rapport and excellent relations with respective government bodies, mining agencies, global and local communities and legal authorities as well.

The mining division is always on the lookout for international exploration of high-grade deposits of industrial minerals, base metals, bulk commodities, gold and precious metals resources. The mining division operates with a balanced social-environmental-economical principles and standards that are cognisant and consistent with the well-being of employees and stakeholders alike.

Minerals & Precious Metals:

SRAM MRAM Group backed by its two decade old tenure with its fully functional business network of investors, stakeholders, dealers and customers, commenced the mining division in Zimbabwe and Zambia as a feather in the cap of its exciting mining portfolio and mineral exploration projects delivering high demand precious minerals and metals. Predominantly operating tier-one mining houses procuring minerals such as Manganese, Cobalt, Nickel, Lithium, Copper, Gold and Emerald.

SRAM MRAM group going by its reputation for investing in latest technologies and futuristic innovations in mining techniques and equipment has acquired highly profitable emerald mines across Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The group’s core team of dedicated individuals with extensive practical experience of mineral exploration and exhaustive mining operations. The most explored mineral commodities recorded in our mines across Zimbabwe and Zambia are Manganese, Cobalt, Nickel, Lithium, Copper, Gold and Emeralds.

Our mines are strategically located to take advantage of both the countries precious metal deposits across the Gold Belts, the two prominent geological features of Great Dyke and the ancient Greenstone Belts. Our mining experts using the latest technology products, have been setting a track record in proficient tracing of the concentration of platinum group metals such as chromite, copper, nickel, Lithium etc.

SRAM MRAM group being a pioneer in trading of metal, bulk materials and commodities across the globe handles a major share of the globe’s business with the increasing automotive production, infrastructure, cement and power industries. The management team has a keen watch on the strategic location of the mines, processing, smelting, and warehouses to enable catering to the needs of the international clientele on a timely and cost-effective manner. The group’s on the ground experience provides precise, innovative and customized technological solutions to the betterment of the mining industry.

The world wide fully operational network and the efficient team of investors, stakeholders, dealers, customers, employees and business partners are benefited from the educated-skilled team hierarchy that strictly adheres to global policies and procedures to deliver superior quality products and solutions through correct use of resources, machineries, tools, applications and methods.

The crowning jewel of the mining division located in Zimbabwe and Zambia, will monitor quality, quantity and the costs incurred to deliver the competitive price per tonne on the market. SRAM MRAM Group will continue its research and development in retaining its reliable and good quality reputation through innovation of new-age technologies.

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