Industry Pipeline PIG Solutions & Services


SRAM MRAM Group is an ISO 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 14000 certified premier global business corporation operating in numerous business verticals with footprints across 5 continents. SRAM MRAM Group in collaboration with VDT India, provides integrated design & development, engineering, PMC and field services solutions in oil, gas and energy infrastructure domain.

Esteemed clients like ONGC and GAIL (both Government of India Enterprises) are holding substantial stake in the group’s technology partner company VDT Pipeline Integrity (P) Ltd.

 The group strives with the foundation of our assured capability in delivery, innovation and shared sense of initiative blending with the culture of continuous service excellence programs. The integrated global network of technical specialists accelerate the success for the esteemed clients.

For years the industry pipelines have been wanting to eradicate threats, that are silent and invisible and yet causing a backstep for the industries. Safety concerns are going up in alarming rate when any of the following occurs to the pipeline viz., Illegal tapping, slurry, debris & deposits, corrosion (external & internal), dents and cracks.

The group offers an all comprehensive list of pipeline pigging solutions and services such as

  1. 1. Cleaning PIG
    1. Universal Cleaning PIG
    2. 3B3C Cleaning PIG
    3. Heavy Brush Cleaning PIG
    4. VDT Cleaning PIG
    5. VDT Foam Pig - Low Density
    6. VDT Foam Pig – Medium Density
    7. VDT Foam Pig – High Density
    8. Coated Foam PIG
    9. PIG Train

  1. 2. Parts of PIG
    1. PU Cup
    2. Guide Disc
    3. Sealing Disc
    4. VDT Steel Wire Brushes

  1. 3. PIG Trackers
    1. VDT PIG - Transmitter and Receiver
    2. Dummy MFL
    3. Ultrasonic Testing
    4. DGPS
    5. Pipe Locator
    6. Cathode Protection
    7. EGP
    8. MFL

  1. 4. Batching / BI DI PIG
    1. Pencil Brush (Bi Di)
    2. 2GD2SD1C Batching PIG
    3. Bi Di
    4. Bi Di Magnetic Brush PIG
    5. Bi Di Brush
    6. Air Filled Ball PIG
    7. 4 Cup PIG
    8. 2 Cup PIG
    9. Gauge PIG

The group’s clients receive numerous long-term beneficial high value propositions being

  1. Pipeline Cleaning Solutions
    1. Foam Pigs (4” to 48”)- LD to HD
    2. Poly-coated Foam Pigs in all above sizes
    3. SBD Pig with brushes for more aggressive and faster cleaning
    4. Specially designed Cup Pigs for Special applications and demanding applications.
  2. Pipeline Drying Solutions
    1. Post Hydro-test of pipeline section, faster and effective dewatering and drying is achieved
    2. Assessment of remaining water in pipeline after dewatering
    3. Accordingly, suit to condition swabbing and
    4. drying sequence is agreed with Partner
    5. Combination of Drying /Swabbing / SBD, Pig/Pigs are used for faster and effective dewatering
    6. Saves on allied costs and time as faster results are achieved
  3. Pipeline EGP Solutions
    1. We take pride in providing EGP tool run for pipelines with repeatable  and verifiable defect identification
    2. In-house developed tools which has been proven during field runs along with ILI and SOLO runs
    3. The tool has POD > 90%, L > t, W > t, D > t

 The group offers the best in the category Client Engagement Model

  1. Cleaning by PIGS as per mutually agreed time interval
  2. EGP (Electronics Geometry PIG) which will run through the pipeline and give the inputs like ovality, Diameter deformation and de-shaping. This data will provide input Internal geometry of the pipeline. This step can be carried out at mutually agreed time interval and as per the requirement of Client
  3. Magnetic flux leakage tool runs through the pipeline, gives inputs like pipeline internal and external effects and corrosion. This step can also be carried out at mutually agreed time interval and as per the requirement of Client

 The group’s innovative products and solutions used for removing hard scale deposits in a pipeline are

  1. Products
    1. Aggressive and Progressive Pigs
    2. Brushes on Conventional Pigs will not extend into a pit
  2. Solutions
    1. Geometry and Anti-Theft Tool
      • Eddy current based sensors, able to detect 6mm and above tap from inside pipeline
      • Precisely inspect geometry of pipeline as well
      • Fast reporting without manual data analysis
    2. MFL for Metal Defect Inspection
      • High resolution 1500 data per second and 16-bit resolution, in comparison of 750 data per second and 8-bit resolution
      • Fast reporting by machine algorithm without manual input