Point Of Sale software is a powerful tool equipped with efficient and industry specific functional features, to manage a modern retail business of all size and strength.

Ordering in-store, online and using mobile device, all orders are automatically synced anywhere-anytime through the day. Easily create and manage menu’s, control inventory and waste management, define staff and user access, track sales and extract detailed business intelligence reports, in-short grow your business exponentially.

SRAM POS integrates all aspects of your retail business in one platformand connect with your customers real-time.From material management to customer management, from stock evaluation to item-wise analysis, streamlining sales data to generating reports, SRAM POS does it seamlessly.

How SRAM POS Helps!

  • Business Intelligent Tool

    Management Centric Reports, Digital Marketing using BI Data

  • Central POS & Operations

    Kitchen, Warehouse, Outlets with Predefined User Access Roles

  • Inventory Control

    Loss Prevention, Recipe Management, Multi Chain Solutions

  • Zero Revenue Leakage

    Void Sales alert, Consumption Variance Alert

  • Mobility Solutions

    Mobile app for Business Owners – Real Time Data - enjoy Improved, Independent & Direct Access to Info

  • Franchise Management

    Sales Data Integration, Procurement Management, Revenue Sharing Prediction model

  • Finance & Accounts Management

    Payable – Receivable – Expense – Income – GL Reports, P&L, BS

  • Social Media Integration

    Direct Access to your Social Media Platforms

  • Digital Marketing

    Grow business with Digital Marketing & Business Intelligent Data from your restaurant

  • CRM  

    Build your Own Real-Time Customer Database

  • o Daily Offers Management: Create offers in Real Time & Push to Social Media
    o Loyalty Programs Management: Across Outlets beyond Geographical Boundaries
    o Foot Fall Management: Capture real time customer age & gender data across various outlets
  • Feedback

    Listen & Analyze Real-Time Customer Feedback across various outlets

  • Email/Push Notifications

    Mobile app for Business Owners – Real time data – PO via email to suppliers

  • Flexibility

    Personalized and Customized Software– Solutionsfor your unique daily operational needs

  • Technical Support

    24 x 7 live support team

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