Search Engine Optimisation

  • Competitive Analysis: Learn what your competitors are doing, where your site is, what you need to do to beat your competitors
  • Identifying Keywords: Detailed Keyword Analysis, Optimise Website, Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Keywords Selection: Analyse, Identify & Select Best Keywords and Keyword phrases
  • Directory Submission: Online Directory Submission (Automatic & Manual), Build more incoming links to website
  • Refining HTML Code: Skilled balance of Web Design & HTML coding – Backbone of SEO process
  • Meta Tags: Meta-Tag optimisation, Develop and Implement important Meta-Tag in the website
  • Link Building: Reciprocal & Non-Reciprocal Link Building with potential websites for more user traffic
  • Search Engine Submission: Notifying & Submitting website to Important Search Engines viz., Google, Yahoo

SRAM DMS: SEO Campaign & Plans

SRAM DMS offer Competitive, Business and Premium SEO plans with base of white-hat practices and ethics.

  • 180 Day Campaign Commitment
  • 1st week: SEO Planning & Strategy
  • 2nd Week: Index Inclusion &Coverage
  • 3rd Week: OnPage Optimisation
  • 4 to 24 Weeks: Social Media Marketing
  • Performance Reports:
  • Benchmarking
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Monthly Keyword Position Report
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