Contract Farming


SRAM & MRAM Group mitigates contract farming with local farmers, land owners and farm own-producer companies, renowned seed companies across the world. The group focus is to make a profitable partnership with the farmers also to promote the interest in farming and local employment opportunities for the youth.

The group operates on a special focus on organic farming, with more demand for organic produces from all corners of the world. The team of experts understand customer demands, translating requirements into crop sowing plans, resource management, food safety, environmental preservation agenda and fair-price trade.

Working towards the best of yields, quality and quantity, the team also follows sustainable agriculture practices of necessary environmental protection for future generations to benefit from. With the recent organic farming preferences, GMO free crops are gaining more popularity and priority amongst the customers. 

The group’s ideology is to engrain essential farming training sessions along with crop management practice, land maintenance and qualified personnel monitoring enable sustainable agriculture practices of conserving water and fertilizer for optimum yields. The team has a dedicated R&D set-up to continuously keep a track on the soil quality, fertility, nutrition, pest and disease control.

SRAM MRAM Group’s mission is to set a growth oriented socio-economic foot print generating interests in farming and job opportunities for women and local people.

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