Farm-to-Table Service


SRAM & MRAM Group connects the farmer and the consumers with its technology and on the ground experience of farming and trading. From handling demands, produce harvesting, logistics planning to consumer product experience, the team of experts handle the time sensitive farm-to-table process seamlessly with technology driven software solution.

Years of agricultural and trading experience helps the team to plan a demand-driven supply chain of fresh farm produce for the benefit of businesses and consumers alike.

Translating the teams experience into technology helps in assessing the demand, planning the harvest, minimalizing wastage, achieving time-sensitive delivery schedules, maximum price and assured freshness for the customers delight.

SRAM & MRAM Group understands the potential of farm-to-table concept in aggregating the international businesses, local farmers, customers in one platform, becoming the crux of the most essential demand-supply chain across the world.  The professional and experienced team executes the farm-to-table delivery chain seamlessly by

1.       acquiring orders from grocery stores, online aggregators, restaurants, café’s etc

2.       segregating the seasonal and around-the-year farm produces as per orders received

3.       allocating around-the-year produce stock as per orders received

4.       organizing for seasonal harvest with quality seeds from internationally renowned suppliers

5.       assigning harvesting targets to its contract farming partners of local farmers, farmland owner-producer companies etc

6.       performing quality-quantity check on the fresh produce

7.       packing the produce in optimal conditions for minimal wastage and eco-friendliness

8.       designate logistics partner for on-time pickup and delivery of the fresh farm produce

9.       visiting customers regularly for feedback

10.   incorporating the feedback in the next demand-harvest-delivery schedule

SRAM & MRAM Group has delivered an average of 2000 tonnes of fresh farm produce every month, connecting more than 10000 businesses, 20000 farmers and 100000 plus growing customers across the world.

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