Embedded System RFID

SRAM & MRAM Group has more than two decades of experience in Research &Development of embedded systems, solutions and products. Highly qualified and skilled technocrats understand the client requirements, design products, generate, track, transmit, manage the required data seamlessly to the technology interfaced software.

The group has successfully delivered numerous embedded system and solutions across the globe using the RFID technology


Few of the On-Going Projects:

  • Dubai Municipality – Waste Management System
  • Kuwait Parliament – Parliament Management System
  • Medinah Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz
  • International Airport– Asset Management System
  • Dubai Ports World (DP World) – Dubai

Skill/Project References & Application Groups

Intelligent Transportation and Parking Systems

  • Ministry of Transportation, Turkey
  • Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia (thru our partners)
  • Ministry of Transportation, Lebanon
  • Municipality of Manisa, Turkey
  • ESHOT, Turkey (Public Bus System)
  • 150+ parking automation system installations

Real Time Location Tracking Systems (RTLS)

  • Presidency of Holy Haram Grand Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  • Turkish Airlines, Turkey
  • Ford

Supply Chain & Warehouse Automation

  • Ministry of Defense, Kuwait(thru our partners)
  • Turkish Post (PTT)
  • Luna, Saudi Arabia

Document Management

  • Ministry of Defense, Croatia
  • Ministry of Justice, Kuwait(thru our partners)

Asset Management

  • Ministry of Justice, Kuwait(thru our partners)
  • Vodafone Telecommunications
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Al Rajhi Bank (Jordan, Saudi Arabia)

Library Management

  • Turkcell Telecommunications
  • American University in Erbil, Iraq
  • Misurata Hospital Library, Libya


  • GAP
  • Banana Republic
  • Koton
  • Burberry
  • IKEA
  • Marks and Spencer

Waste Management Systems

  • Abu Dhabi Centre for Waste Management
  • Dubai Municipality


  • Tetra Pak (Global supplier, 20 factories covered)
  • Philip Morris International
  • Fiat Motor Company
  • Schneider Electric
  • Schott – Orim
  • Indesit– Hot Point Ariston

Reference Projects:

Electronic Toll Collection, Turkey

SRAM & MRAM Group was the technology provider and technical solution consultant for the Electronic Toll Collection project in Turkey.

  • World’s largest passive RFID basedElectronic Toll Collection Project
  • Customer: Ministry of Transportation,Turkey
  • Participated as a consortium of 4companies
  • Project Scope:
  • 500 lanes distributed nationwide
  • 7 million vehicles
  • Delivered items:
  • Passive RFID Readers and Antennas
  • Passive RFID Tags
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification System
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
  • Lane Controller Software
  • Plaza Manager Software
  • Engineering Services

Presidency of Holy Haram, KSA.

SRAM & MRAM Group delivered RFID readers, RFID tags,application software with Arabic user interface,on-site project management and systemdeployment services for the Presidency ofHoly Haram, KSA. System installed by SRAM covers approximately 350,000 square meters and tracks 1,500 employees in real time

  • Presidency of Holy Haram, Saudi Arabia –Real Time People Tracking System
  • Government contract
  • Project focuses on tracking employees withinHoly Haram (Grand Mosque).


SRAM & MRAM Group delivered RFID readers, RFID tags,software, on-site project management andsystem deployment services to the Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia – VehicleIdentification & Management System

  • Government contract(SRAM was sub-contracted by localintegrator)
  • Project focuses on tracking in-coming and outgoing Government vehiclesas well managing fleet

TrafficManagement, Lebanon

SRAM & MRAM Group supplied supply all RFID equipment andtags as well as deliver full software solution

  • City safety monitoring, Lebanon,2008
  • Purpose:
  • Deploy mobile RFID check-points at all city(Beirut) entrance points
  • Process and fetch data to command center
  • Capture incoming vehicles by scanning RFID tagson vehicle windshields

Postal Tracking, Turkey

SRAM & MRAM Group executed the government contract, delivered 250+ RFID readers, RFID antennas, RFID tags, technical consulting, hardware site support services to the Turkish Post(PTT)– Postal Tracking/SupplyChain, Phase 3. The landmark project is One of the world’s largest postal trackingprojects completed up to date based on passiveUHF RFID technology

DocumentManagement, Croatia

SRAM & MRAM Group bagged the NATO funded government contract, conceptualized, executed and delivered RFID readers, RFID antennas, RFID tags, back-office software, program management services, on-site technical support to the Ministry of Defense, Croatia – DocumentManagement, Phase 4.

  • Largest document management system of itskind delivered in Europe
  • Awarded maintenance contract

Qatar Ministry of Health (Hamad Medical Corporation)

SRAM & MRAM Group was the manufacturer of active RFID hardware and software aimed atreal time location tracking of

  • New born babies
  • Patients
  • Staff
  • High-value medical assets in a healthcareenvironment

Government of Iraq

Baghdad Governors Campus security systems project

SRAM & MRAM Group was the manufacturer of

  • Turnstiles
  • Automated gate barriers
  • Parking access control systems
  • for the Baghdad Governors Campus security system and 200+ worldwide parking accesscontrol systems deployments.

Fiat Motor Company,

Tetra Pak International, Schneider Electric

SRAM & MRAM Group developed custom made software applications aimed atmanufacturing efficiency analysis, businessintelligence, WCM/TPM applications. The project was a government funded application development for above said companies.

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