National Mindset

SRAM & MRAM group’s journey for more than two decades, was filled with dire responsibility, values and ethics of contributing to the wellness of the global community.

Our chairman Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani envisioned National Mindset, to achieve the “For an Indian, of an Indian and by an Indian” revolutionizing the way news is perceived and viewed.

National Mindset Logo

National Mindset as a steadfast news and infotainment brand, was launched to synergize the strength and global reach of SRAM & MRAM Group into one media platform. The group’s holistic intention is to

  • Reinvent the wheel of journalism and genuine news-making
  • Identify current market trends and dynamics
  • Meet the huge vacuum in generating quality content at the grassroots level
  • Implement futuristic philosophies of honest content gathering and distribution
  • Reinvent the wheel of journalism and genuine news-making
  • Assimilate comprehensive data from global content collation network
  • Source high demand pan-Indian content on current affairs, business, technology, trending infotainment etc
  • Promote news to netizens, millennials and Indian diaspora spread across America, Europe, Far east and Australia

National Mindset on web becomes an exclusive news portal, also gets capsuled into monthly edition booklet in print medium.

SRAM & MRAM Group envisages National Mindset as a vital platform with access to all the information out of the Indian Sub-continent. Grassroots Level News in Fingertips.

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