SRAM FCMS (Food Court Management Solution)

SRAM FCMS Food Court Management Solution software is a highly efficient contiguous application designed for food courts, malls, IT parks, multiplexes etc operating with numerous outlets, food vendors along with a common area for self-serve dining.

The main feature is the Cashless Card Management, to ensure accurate data processing while taking orders from multiple vendors and several counters. The key lies with seamless card configuration, card validity, card transfer, card recharging to ensures seamless customer service. All orders made in-store and online are automatically synced real-time through the day.

Central Kitchen and Inventory Management enables creation, tracking and management of stock centrally from one place, as well as exclusive customer centric data sharing across all outlets. For each outlet, create and manage menu’s, control inventory and waste management, define staff and user access, track sales and extract detailed business intelligence reports, in-short grow your business exponentially. The software reduces order placement time, maximises revenue for the food court and increases customer satisfaction.

Business Intelligence Report and MIS tool assists with complete and accurate reports of all counter sales, revenue sharing ratios etc making it a reliable and accurate sales tracking tool. CRM manages the retailer and customer data, offers exclusive reports viz., foot fall management, gender management etc which help to devise customer centric loyalty programs.

SRAM FCMS seamlessly integrates all aspects of your retail business in one platform from existing mall software to save time, effort, cost and uninterrupted operational feasibility.


Salient Features of SRAM FCMS

  • BusinessManagement

    Management Centric Reports, Digital Marketing using BI Data

  • Central POS & Operations

    Kitchen, Warehouse, Outlets, Revenue Collection with Predefined User Access Roles

  • Inventory Control 

    Loss Prevention, Recipe Management, Multi Chain Solutions

  • Smart Card Management  

    Issue, recharge, validate MSR cards, manage refunds 

  • Zero Revenue Leakage 

    Void Sales alert, Consumption Variance Alert

  • Mobility Solutions

    Mobile app for Business Owners – Real Time Data - enjoy Improved, Independent & Direct Access to Info 

  • Franchise Management: 

    Sales Data Integration, Procurement Management, Revenue Sharing Prediction model

  • Finance & Accounts Management

    Payable – Receivable – Expense – Income – GL Reports, P&L, BS

  • Social Media Integration

    Direct Access to your Social Media Platforms

  • Digital Marketing

    Grow business with Digital Marketing & Business Intelligent Data from your restaurant

  • CRM

    Build your Own Real-Time Customer Database

  • Daily Offers Management: Create offers in Real Time & Push to Social Media

  • Loyalty Programs Management: Across Outlets beyond Geographical Boundaries

  • Foot Fall Management: Capture real time customer age & gender data across various outlets

  • Feedback

    Listen & Analyze Real-Time Customer Feedback across various outlets

  • Email/Push Notifications

    Mobile app for Business Owners – Real time data – PO via email to suppliers

  • Flexibility

    Personalized and Customized Software– Solutionsfor your unique daily operational needs

  • Technical Support

    24 x 7 live support team

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