Certified Gold Bullion Bars


SRAM MRAM Group has decades of pedigree knowledge in the mining industry, culminating the trading advantage to its global platform of business and client network to profit by investing in numerous precious metals.  Specializing in physical gold products, from coins to bullion bars, the group delivers its promise of unmatched superior service and customer experience for its experience investors to first-time collectors.

SRAM MRAM Group is the world’s most renowned trader of gold bullion bars, the most sought after product for its investment value. Refined by the leading, established and certified mint makers, the gold bullion bars are made of the finest 999.9 pure 24K gold. From coins to gold kilo bars, all our products are certified by the global institutions ensuring the investor’s interest and the brand value. These pure, exquisite and elegantly crafted gold bullion bars are available in a wide range up to 12.5 Kg bars that undergo the vigorous refining, purifying and molding processes. For individuals seeking to precious gold as gift, can choose from our product range that are perfect for personal investing, collecting, gifting for festivals, marriages, anniversaries and birthdays.

SRAM MRAM Group are the industry leaders in bringing global standards to the precious metals industry across the world. We are the world’s leading globally accredited gold traders, promoting gold products that are accepted across global commodity exchanges and central banking institutions. SRAM MRAM Group and its global business network engrains the best business practices, product excellence and innovation in all its business verticals, especially the precious metal industry which strives on the purest and finest of the product quality.

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