SRAM & MRAM Animation

SRAM & MRAM Group offers creative designing and animation services that bring life to zest ideas. The highly experience multimedia team comprises of professionals and artists with a repute for creating concepts, designs, animation models and artworks that seamlessly mimics real-life objects, characters and motions.

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Flash Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Flash Presentation
  • 3D Architecture – both Interiors and Exteriors
  • Animated Presentation
  • Walkthrough Animation
  • Medical Animation
  • Animated Movies
  • 3D industrial design
  • 3D product modelling

This is how the group continues its collection of successful projects, happy clients and avant-garde digital creations in the kitty,

  • Faster TAT (Turn Around Time) – Projects delivered on time, without compromise on the quality, creativity and effect

  • Talented Creative Work Force –a talentpool of creative professionals, latest software and techniques
  • Reasonable Pricing – World class creativity that is reasonably and competitively priced
  • Customized solutions – highly customer-centric designs and concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions–till client’s requirements are met
  • Relentless Customer Support – earning more delightedclientele across the globe

SRAM & MRAM Group as a part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) via the first Digital Animation Studio School in Cambodia called SADA (School of Animation Digital Asia). The institute teaches world class digital animation techniques and tools such as 3D FX, Maya etc. The group’s objective is to identify, train and encourage budding creative talents, unleash universal creativity, provide opportunities, uplift the lively hood of individuals and contribute to the nascent economy of Cambodia.

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