AD Marketing

Organic digital marketing focuses on optimizing organic listings.SEO AD’s focus on anything that’s paid such as PPC, Affiliate marketing etc. Traffic from organic SEO is free while PPC traffic has a cost for each click. To meet the demands of today’s search landscape, our digital marketing strategists consider SEO and PPC as a unified silo, complementing each other. Together SEO and PPC earns higher visibility on the search engine results page or SERP. The key to a successful Ad marketing lies in

  • User Traffic: AD Marketing builds fast traffic, SEO long term traffic

  • Faster Results: Optimized post-click experience

  • ROI centric: Easier to calculate ROI of PPC, Adwords, AdSense etc

  • Keyword Source Analysis: Aggregate &focus on organic and paid keywords.

  • Cost Effective: Strategic organic keywords reduce the cost of PPC

  • Ad management: Track live marketing trends and budget

  • Data Analytics: Unified data points of both PPC and organic keywords performance

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