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Ankor Wat to SMEXASEAN – The Indian Connection to Cambodia

The Cambodian SME market looks poised for a major overhaul with the association between Small Entrepreneurs Association, an association formed by Mr. Tompen Virak Vitou, and SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited, a global conglomerate.

Speaking at the press conference SRAM & MRAM Group Chairman, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, reiterated the need for a greater private sector role in the development of the SME sector in Cambodia whose industries till date has been dominated by the services sector. The manufacturing sector needs to be given the necessary impetus by way of providing foreign collaborative efforts to uplift the quality of the products being produced which will in turn enable the manufacturing sector to compete with the best in the world.

Mr. Tompen Virak Vitou, The President of the SEA has said that this effort to provide the much needed tooth to the Cambodian SME sector was absolutely necessary to see the sleeping ASEAN tiger rise again and become a force to reckon with in the ASEAN countries. With the western powers divided on the role of Cambodia in the larger business audience across the globe, the role lies with the government and the large private sector bodies to join hands and take the economy forward. From a services sector dominance to a manufacturing sector dominance will take a sustained and collaborative effort from both the government and the industries to be counted among the ASEAN’s best.

The dais was bejeweled by some very shining luminaries viz. H E Mon Nara, Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia who was all praise for both Mr. Vitou and Dr. Hiranandani to bring out such an initiative which will help the Cambodian economy plough back its growth path.

Senior bureaucrats Mr. Ven Kheang Hak and H. E Hy Chenda along with Mr. Net Mony Bunnaka graced the occasion and pledged maximum support to the initiative and were very categorical that such initiatives needs to be brought out even more to support the ailing Cambodian economy.

Executive Director of Cambodian Operations Mr. Rithy Leksin and Mr. Vidya Babu, Sr. Business Strategist of SRAM & MRAM Group, the men behind the success of the association have demarcated their roles and have taken the onus among themselves to ensure the success of the SME Business operations of Cambodia and the roles of SRAM & SEA in ensuring that the Cambodian economy is able to adapt itself to the new roleplay in the ASEAN region.

Ms. Mary Mam, Director, SRAM & MRAM Group has said that it’s the beginning of a wonderful partnership whose symbiotic partnership will feed off each other to make the world take notice of the changes that are happening in the developing economies like the Far East and specifically the ASEAN.

Ms. Neang Sokhen and Mr. Mengkong Dy. Finance and Administrative heads of the SRAM Group operations in Cambodia have been busy allocating the necessary resources to take the matter further ahead and ensure the success of the initiative.

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