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Pancham Dham, a Step Closer to Reality

Siem Reap, Cambodia (NewsVoir) The glory of Sanatana Dharma is beset with jewels from across the globe with a singular focus being the world is one with all faiths in their understanding and that progress is from the subtle to gross; from the ‘many’ to the ‘One’, from the low to the high; from the form to the formless. Sanatana Dharma differs from other walks of life, only in having a word of sympathy and promise for every sincere conviction, wherever and whatever it may be, as constituting a step in the great ascent to the highest human perfection.

‘Sanatana Dharma', the way of life, implies a code of human conduct, a set of tenets have handed down from time immemorial. Seers and preachers of Sanatana Dharma have been providing discourses on a wide-ranging set of topics covered including the sastras and modern life, the Vedas, their content and purport, the samskaras (purification ceremonies), dharma common to all and the duties specifically enjoined on people in the four stages of human life. Like the word ‘yoga' occurring in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘dharma' defies precise definition. It could mean one's duties linked to one's class and stage in life. Or it may refer to different areas of general human conduct, as for instance discipline, manners, management, and law. That one has to follow the ‘dharma' prescribed for him and it is hazardous to tread on what is ordained for another is stressed in the Gita in two places.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) along with Pancham Dham Trust and 1008 Names of Shivas Association, have been at the forefront of promoting Sanatana Dharma through their initiatives across the globe and with specific interests in setting up the PanchamDham (Fifth Dham) in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji, spiritual guru and founder trustee of 1008 Names of Shivas, is one of the generals to marshal his core conceivers and conceptualizes for the Pancham Dham. Along with Dr.Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani and Mary Mam, he has pledged to complete the construction of the Fifth Dham with the support of everyone and has taken it upon itself to mobilise the necessary resources viz. manpower, physical and mental required to complete the construction of the Fifth Dham with complete and able support of every functionary.

Indresh Kumar, a devout and senior RSS functionary and an avid follower and a firm believer of the Sanatana Dharma, has pledged his support to the movement and feels that the movement will help enlighten the world to the ways of the Sanatana Dharma. Indresh Kumar has confirmed that in next ten days a meeting will be held among the core team of likeminded people for a discussion on the road map ahead for the Pancham Dham project.

In tune with the principles of Santana Dharma, Dr.Palakkal Nagaraj, a Cosmic R&D Scientist of Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International based in Middle East & South East Asia, has been practicing the art of Cosmic Science in helping millions achieve their objective of attaining inner peace. His case study and implementation of cosmic energy from a higher vibration frequency from the subtle level and centrifugal force of the universe and transcending it to the lower material plane of the nations and individuals has created great results in the various continent and across the region for a particular cause. He has been in Planning and Implementation from the Cosmic subtle level similar of the role of a central computer system imparting peace, harmony, love and prosperity in the society, states and nations across the world.

He has an extraordinary ability to present even highly intricate and abstruse concepts and ideas clearly and, in a way, even a lay person can easily understand comes across strikingly throughout. And so does his deftness in tackling controversial issues and apparently conflicting/contradicting interpretations in Sanatana Dharma through cosmic awakening.

A concept conceived by 1008 Names of Shivas, has gained momentum with the untiring efforts of all the functionaries of the trust who have been taking all the right steps steadily but surely to ascertain what they think is India’s gift to the world as Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. With the world watching India and its growth trajectory, the giants have been setting the tone for the future of Sanatana Dharma. The quadrilateral forming the four Dham’s are in India viz. Badrinath, Dwaraka, PuriJagannath and Rameshwaram and the same will include Siem Reap to form the PanchamDham forming a pentagon.

If not for the arduous efforts of Mary Mam, the whole project would never have taken off. She has worked tirelessly to get the establishment involved and get the necessary approvals and licenses along with her dedicated staff Neang Sokhen and Mengkong Dy.

The journey would not have been possible without the support of the other dignitaries that include Shailesh Vats – RSS Functionary and Coordinator, Hemalata Arumugam-CEO, SRAM & MRAM Group, Rahul Shah, Director, Master Tour Organisers, Mary Mam – Director, Cambodian Operations of SRAM & MRAM.

With people like Dr.Palakkal Nagaraj, GurujeeKumaran Swami, Indresh Kumar, Dr.Sailesh Hiranandani, Hemalata Arumugam, Rahul Shah and the blessings of the largest congregation of saints, rishis, gurus, politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, and people from all religions and faith and various religious groups across the globe, the PanchamDham initiative has gained momentum. Prominent Indian Business houses like Master Tours headed by Rahul Shah and COSMOTECH Solutions headed by Nitin Gupta have been trendsetters in helping build the PanchamDham. Rahul Shah has been the integral logistics backbone of the initiative and has been constantly upping the ante with varying offers that benefit the people to reach Cambodia at competitive pricing and help them reach their vision of seeing the culmination of construction of the Pancham Dham.

Other Corporate heads viz. Mahendra Joshi, Director, Mahendra Exports, PardeepBatra, Restaurateur and shareholder of SRAM & MRAM Group have all pledged financial and human resources support to the initiatives and are being inducted into the 1008 Names of Shivas Association as Trustees. Their CSR activities will carry the light of the Fifth Dham under the able guidance and leadership of Thomas Mathew, Director - Group Financial Operations, Vee Rao, Director - Operations, SRAM & MRAM Group ably assisted by Natesh Sharma, Financial Wizard, Director - SRAM & MRAM - Middle East Operations. The team has been the fulcrum around which the Pancham Dham Initiative is progressing well.

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