Ms.Vee Rao

Director of Global Operations

  • Vee had been running SRAM operations for different projects while living in the States. She moved to PPE Operations thinking if she cud help reach out to people suffering out there during this pendamic situation and somehow save their lives by expediting n leading the operations including Key Performance & Budgeting Metrics deploying Lean System Tools like CTQ, 5S, Process Audits, other proactive Quality Mgt Practices.
  • She has developed & introduced new operational systems to resolve operational manufacturing n maintenance problems to ensure minimum costs n prevent operational delays specially focusing on timely delivery of goods.
  • It’s been excruciating to see the world being ravaged by covid-19.
  • Seeing her brother (Liver Transplant Surgeon) saving lives every day exposing himself to covid-19 risking his own life , Vee has immense compassion for the safety of healthcare professionals working out there day n night.
  • Vee has got a strong background in
    • Strategic planning n operations
    • Business n statistical analysis
    • KPI’s model
    • Directing operations in conjugation with business growth
    • Proactive quality management practices
    • Progressive quality n lean management system application
    • Develop n implement plans ensuring operations perform in most cost effective n productive manner
    "Helping and saving lives with Walletz4u Quality Products !! "