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SRAM Ventures, Distributes Food Packets & Monthly Provisions across India

SRAM Ventures, a group company of SRAM & MRAM, has started distributing food and monthly provisions across cities and interior villages in the country. The CSR drive began in Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh. The initiative will benefit citizens who are deprived of work, wage and food. The management along with its team members are working round the clock executing the exercise of planning and organizing the rations, also the packing and delivery schedules.

SRAM & MRAM Group is offering undivided attention and support to the central and state government’s directives in controlling the pandemic covid-19. Following the strict lockdown status across the country, the team is ready to handle all the difficulties arising in the transportation of the food packets and provisions.

Planning the distribution as well as the proactive crowd management steps has become essential in making this CSR drive a success. Proper lines are formed maintaining social distancing and provisions are delivered on the doorstep of the needy. The team is tirelessly working in the extreme conditions and executing the tough task handling food requests which are growing each day.

SRAM & MRM Group, a two-decade old company, has initiated an CSR drive to help easing the lockdown effects of COVID-19. The food drive has been successfully providing food for the homeless and daily wage labors across the country. The company delivers 50,000 to 75,000 food packets on a daily basis. Furthermore, the team of volunteers are also providing food for the street animals viz., dogs, cattle etc. SRAM & MRAM Group’s management is closely monitoring the government’s directives and plans in this emergency situation, as the pandemic covid19 demands all the resources working towards the betterment of the humanity.

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