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SRAM & MRAM Group’s CSR initiative, Food Packets for Daily Wage Workers, Laborers and Homeless across India

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly transmitting all over the world. While the continents are fighting the pandemic spread, managing the food supply chain has become a stress-tester for powerhouse and developing countries as well.

Proactively assessing the bottlenecks, developing countries like India, both Central and State governments,is investing all possible resources in managing the supply of food grains and other essential items adequately across all walks of life. Fighting against panic buying,citizens are also helping towards managing the shortage of material stuck in the temporary bottlenecks distorting supply chains for a brief period.

SRAM & MRAM Group, as part of its CSR is participating in helping the nation’s needy during this nationwide lock-down, who are facing empty aisles of stores displaying out-of-stock boards appearing due to panic buying, and stranded with food shortage due to essentials running out of supply.

As a part of its COVID-19 driven CSR agenda, SRAM & MRAM Group is actively sponsoring food packets to the daily wage workers and roadside/homeless people across the country. Currently the team is working round the clock to provide uninterrupted food distribution across India. Each day the team is meticulously preparing, packing and delivering 50,000 to 75,000 food packets each day across India.

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