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SRAM & MRAM Group and SITI 1 Embark on a Historic Global Halal Tourism Venture

SRAM & MRAM Group and SITI 1 International signed a joint venture association agreement to venture into the hugely profitable but yet unchartered Halal Tourism business. This could probably start a new wave of investments and technological advances in the fields of Halal Tourism as SRAM & MRAM is known for its technological innovations.

SRAM & MRAM has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of GPS, PPS, VPS, AI, Big Data and hence best suited to deal with the technological innovations that are being proposed for in the fields of halal tourism. Big data analytics and artificial intelligence is going to be used extensively for the development of all the business verticals aligned with Halal Tourism.

Speaking extensively at the press conference, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman of SRAM & MRAM group whose penchant for technological advancements is well known in the Industrial circles, has reiterated that Halal Tourism is not just restricted to tourism related to Islamic activities but it’s a global phenomenon for clean and meticulously planned tourism and businesses allied along the Halal Network. He was ecstatic that the current global economy is gearing up for a piece of the USD 240 Bn industry and SRAM & MRAM along with SITI 1 have embarked on a mission to achieve the target of USD 500 Bn by the year ending 2025. He further reiterated that with the range of products on offer from SITI 1, the target could be easily achieved earlier than envisaged once the initial hurdles and the misconceptions are reigned in.

Dr. Mohammed Malekhzadeh, Director of SITI 1 International, thanked SRAM & MRAM Chairman for having given the opportunity to be a part of the USD 1 Bn dollar SRAM & MRAM group and took this opportunity to reciprocate his feelings for the agenda echoed by Dr. Hiranandani on the formation of a global conglomerate on the realms of Halal Tourism. He has been at the epitome of his research on various aspects of Halal Tourism and the effects of the same on the growing business horizon involving all tenets of Halal friendly businesses has been not just ecstatic but feels his dream of a global conglomerate revolving around his pioneering research of over 2 decades is finally taking shape and reaching the global audience that he had erstwhile targeted. According to Dr. Malekhzadeh and Mr. Reza Sadeghi, his associate for over 2 nd organization. SITI 1 has introduced new perspective to the world, covering 22 categories out of which food belongs to just one category.

Mr. Reza Sadeghi, Director and associate of SITI 1 said that Halal tourism encompasses a huge variety of verticals and businesses that we seemingly tend to use daily but never really put a thought into the dynamics of how every walk of life is ultimately connected to the halal tourism business. Hotels, airlines, land – sea and road transport, hospitals, dentistry, restaurants, coffee shops, food and beverages, drugs and medicines, cosmetics, beauty products, clothing, carpets & rugs, slaughter houses, well the list is enormous.

Chief Guest Dato Sri Abdul Khani explained the realm of Islamic Tourism in detail, listing of Muslim Friendly Destinations, Training of Stake holders. He stressed on collaborative learning with SRAM & SITI 1 to promote Halal Tourism Globally. President of Sustainable Business Network Association of Malaysia, Mr. Norsaidatul Mazelan and Mr. Nadzirah Salehuddin, Head of the Halal Division were all praise for SITI 1 and its certification process and have said that their certification process is the absolute correct way of certification for Halal Products and propose to take it up as the de-facto standards for halal certification.

Mr. Patrick Theseira, Director Sales, Platinum Charters Sdn Bhd and the brain behind brining in halal tourism in his travel division was all praise for SRAM & SITI 1 for having given him the opportunity to introduce halal tourism in the entire ASEAN countries and he along with his partners Dr. Ravee, Director of Tasly Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Mr. Ashley Musgrave are releasing Heyy CAB in Malaysia, the first Halal Certified B2B and B2C e-Hailing application in the world.

Ms. Wendy Wong and Ms. Nancie Foo, Directors of Seni 2020 & SRAM Technologies, have reiterated the fact that entire world is a market that can be tapped for multifarious benefits under the Halal Banner and have said that they are planning to introduce Halal Tourism and certification processes in the media and entertainment industry in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.

Dr. Sailesh Hiranandani was all praise for the implementation team headed by Mr. Thomas Mathew, Director Finance and Mr. Vidya Babu, Senior Business consultant and associate for Halal Tourism in SRAM & MRAM and expected that they are the backbone for the entire business process and hoped that they will take active leads in implementation of Halal Tourism and its 22 product lines across the global platform currently enabled under SRAM & MRAM.

Mr. Mahendra Joshi and Mr. Natesh Sharma, associates and shareholders in the SRAM Group have taken the onus on themselves to promote Halal Tourism in the entire Indian Subcontinent and the MENA regions. Businessman and entrepreneurs themselves, they feel that this opportunity can breed in a whole new range of business opportunities in all of Asia and Africa. The Muslim Rashtriya Manch, an organization patronized and promoted by the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) under the tutelage of Mr. Indresh Kumar and ably supported by his wards Mr. Sailesh Vats, Head of Infinite New Bharat, an NGO have blessed the project and hope to promote the concepts and benefits of Halal Tourism across the length and breadth of India.

Ms. Mary Mam, Director of Cambodian Operations, SRAM & MRAM Group, and Ms. Jasmine Khongka, Logistics – Head of SRAM & MRAM Group, were all praise for Dr. Malekhzadeh and his pioneering efforts. Ms. Mam has specifically targeted the entire ASEAN market to promote Halal Tourism and she is already putting up an implementation team to start working towards achieving the goal of 100% halal certified Cambodia and ASEAN market by the year 2025.

Mr. Sirajudin Shahul Hameed, Liaison Director of SRAM & MRAM will be spearheading the operations in the MENA and Africa regions and has already identified heads of states whom he would be approaching in the near future to complete the Halal Certification Procedures and is already in talks with a few western universities for providing advanced Halal Certification Courses right up to post-doctoral programmes.

Dr. Jagvinder Singh Virk, technocrat and businessman from Australia and Sr. Associate of Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani and SRAM & MRAM group has been at the forefront of advocating Halal Tourism from the Stable of SITI 1 to all his customers. He has been talking to various heads of states to ensure that the products and services offered by SITI 1 are of the highest standards and would be necessary for smooth functioning of the day to day halal standards expected across the globe. He feels that It is at this opportune time that the association between SRAM & SITI 1 makes a fantastic business sense. Almost the whole world market is on a platter to be served the halal label and SRAM will use its global presence to market the products. SITI 1 is using its expertise in the fields of halal tourism and halal certification to ensure strict compliance of all the halal processes and thus ensure successful implementation of the halal certification processes. With tie-ups with leading universities SITI 1 is in the process of providing doctoral degrees to aspiring students who want to have their careers in the fields of halal tourism.

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