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SMEXASEAN launches platform for India

The MSME sector in India is set to get a boost with the launch of SMEXIndia, a division of SMEXASEAN, an online marketplace owned and operated by SRAM MRAM Group, a UK-based international conglomerate with footprints across 5 continents and 12 countries.

SMEXASEAN, is an online marketplace for SMEs in the ASEAN region. SMEXINDIA has been fashioned similarly for the Indian market. As a virtual superhighway, SMEXINDIA aims to tap full potential of the government-backed initiatives to create a global marketplace which will for the first time bring in businesses, governments, banks, insurance companies, freight and logistics companies, NGOs, charitable organisations and the consumers under one roof. The objective would be to create a virtual store which could supply any product of any range of price or size.

SMEXINDIA has launched its online portal, which will allow Indian sellers to meet global buyers. The makers will display their products on the portal and SRAM & MRAM will provide its offices worldwide to service their requirements. In addition, wherever necessary, it may also consider opening representative offices to support the Indian SMEs sell their products. The interface will enable smoother transactions and help forge better connections between established brands and small entrepreneurs.

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