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About Sram Terawet

We are proud to introduce Sram Terawet as our new identity as part of Sram & Mram Group’s agriculture division. By acquiring Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. along with their complete line of pioneering polymer products and creative bio solutions, we aim to promote efficient agricultural and horticultural water usage and also encourage and assist growers to use natural products to increase their quality crop yields sans chemicals. In other words, our mission and vision is to eradicate world hunger by providing sustainable and innovative agricultural technologies available at the lowest possible costs and provide access to clean drinking water for all through our nano technology solutions.

Agro Industry’s present day challenges

Today agro industry is facing numerous challenges owing to various reasons starting from expanding population, environmental pollutants to scarcity of even basic resources such as land, water and so on. Each and every factor is intertwined with each other that it poses a major threat to the society as a whole. Some of the major challenges are listed below.

  • Scarce availability of and suitable for agriculture
  • Ever growing population
  • Demand for food exceeding the supply levels
  • Soil type variations
  • Prevalent droughts
  • Changing climatic conditions
  • Varying water quality
  • Soaring occurrence of crop diseases
agracel polymer

Sram Terawet’s solution

With a focus to resolve the burgeoning challenges associated with soils, water, crops and the environment, we have come up with a host of latest, earth-friendly biotech solutions and soil polymers that can clean water and improve both the quality and quantity of food crops to an unimaginable extent.

Product Solutions

  • Liquid polymers – to mediate water and soil salinity
  • Crystal polymers – for lowering the frequency of required watering schedules for optimizing the potential of crop yield
  • Polymers – for decreasing soil crusting and increasing soil porosity that enable plant growth even in extreme hot and dry climatic conditions
  • Biotech solutions – for increasing plant and soil health to resist pathogens effectively
  • Revolutionary Seed inoculation technology
  • Foliar spray colloidal fertilizers
  • Advanced Biocides and Nano bubble technologies – for disinfecting drinking water, aquaculture and sewage water treatment

Sram Terawet Green Technologies Product range

Our comprehensive product range aspires to tackle a variety of problems pertaining to soil and water in an attempt to enhance food production at a larger scale even under adverse conditions and at the same time improve the availability of consumable and usable water.


  • AgraGel T–100(0.2 mm to 0.8 mm) is ideal for Sandy soils
  • AgraGel T – 400 (0.8 mm to 2.0 mm) is suitable for Loan & Clay soils
  • AgraGel T – 500 (Non polyacryamide polymer)
  • TeraGel T-200(0.8mm to 2.0mm)

Soil polymer crystals that lengthen the time between irrigations

Bio soil Magic

Bio soil Magic

Consortium of beneficial organisms that enhances plant growth and significantly improves soil condition by solubilizing minerals in the soil for more efficient uptake

Seed up

Seed up

Innovative seed innoculant for enhanced, uniform germination



New colloidal NPK technology used for foliar appilication is licensed by CDFA (6.6 litres replaces 100 kilograms of granular fertilizer)

Slat out

Slat out

A liquid polymer salt remediation product that prevents sodium & chloride ions from penetrating root tissues by reducing effect of salinity from soil & water



Liquid linear polymer that reduces quantity of applied irrigation for agriculture and horticulture

Silv Guard

Silv Guard

Colloidal silver product for disinfecting water for personal use & drinking purposes (30 milliliter disinfects 1200 liters of water)

Silv Clean

Silv Clean

Universal disinfectant used for a large variety of topical applications. Can be used as soil drench for eliminating soil pathogens

Airex DC

Airex DC

Liquid co-polymer with ammonium sulfate is proven to be highly effective in controlling spray drift

Nano bubble generator

Nano bubble generator

Nano technology for water treatment

Our Product uniqueness

  • Non- Toxic and 100% safe for the environment
  • Releases moisture for more rapid root development
  • No side effects to the soil

Uniqueness of the AgraGel polymer

AgraGel polymer

Agra Gel® water crystals are characterized by high volume fluid absorption and retention and are available in a variety of crystal sizes for various soil requirements.

  • Dramatically reduces the frequency of required watering schedules
  • Enable plants stay healthy, grow fast and in abundant quantities even in adverse climatic and soil conditions
  • Improves moisture uptake by plants
  • Lowers leaching of fertilizers and other water soluble additives
  • Increased plant longevity
  • Our water crystals are highly resistant to electrolytes and hence stay actively effective for nearly 5 years from the date of single installation. Hence ideal for horticulture, golf courses and landscaping that require sufficient moisture content


Uniqueness of Bio Soil Magic

Bio Soil Magic

An organic soil additive that stimulates soil health and assist in solubilizing minerals in the soil intended for effective absorption. It is said to be the most comprehensive, all-around combination of beneficial microorganisms ever employed in one product.

  • Only 50 grams per acre is required to be administered into the soil before seeding
  • Combines the benefits of new technological solutions and bio fertilizers by utilizing naturally occurring bio stimulants
  • Helps to maintain an efficient and balanced microbial environment for effective combat against pathogens
  • Reduces the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Aid in solubilizing phosphates and mobilizing potassium for easier and efficient uptake of nutrients
  • When used along with Seed Up – a microbial inoculants, it results in profuse root development and increased yields of quality food crops

Uniqueness of Seed Up

seed up

An innovative biological seed treatment with a unique formulation consisting of a group of micro organisms that integrates a variety of bio fertilizer and bio fungistatic cultures, seaweed derivatives, mycorrhizhae, humic and fulvic substances all work together to stimulate uniform germination and suppress seed borne fungal diseases.

  • Imparts stress resistance to plants to withstand biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Induces profuse rooting in turn promoting plant growth and development right from early stages of crop growth
  • Helps achieve uniform seed germination
  • Increases bio mass resulting in significant increase in yields

Uniqueness of ENPIKAY – A Colloidal Fertilizer

Colloidal Fertilizer

This organic colloidal fertilizer is totally bio-available and enters the plant system as a bio-encapsulated molecule in whole and results in no antagonisms. ENPIKAY is a distinct combination of Potash and Ionized Phosphorous, metabolites of phosphorous and potash solubilizing bacteria, Phosphatase and Phytase Enzymes. It can be applied through the drippers conveniently during the early crop stages and via the leaves (foliar) during the fruiting and later stages of growth to produce the best quality crop with higher yields. The organic content in this colloidal fertilizer is so effective that it can replace tenfold inorganic conventional NPK supplements. As a foliar spray fertilizer, ENPIKAY has a 97% uptake efficiency compared to granular fertilizer that has only 15% uptake efficiency due to rainfall and irrigation.

  • 100% Bio-availability - 100% water soluble phosphorous
  • Efficiently metabolized and absorbed
  • Absorbed by the plant’s Amino Acid transport system
  • Easy to administer and cost effective
  • Delivered in a form akin to the one found in the plants
  • Builds critical levels of phosphorous
  • Helpful in mal-absorption conditions
  • Improves plant health by increasing their levels for energy, water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Improves plant’s resistance to pests and disease pressures
  • Caters to the demands of modern plant genotypes with increased needs
  • Non-toxic, safe to plants
  • Promotes availability of both proteins and phosphorous
  • Rebuilds tired nutrition system through re-mineralization
  • Lowers input costs via efficiency
  • Stable at even low PH levels
  • Works well in low alkaline and neutral soils
  • Helps in resisting diseases such as Downy Mildew of Grapes, Fruit Rot, Root Rot & Citrus Gummosis, Late Blight of Tomatoes

Uniqueness of Salt Out

Salt Out

Salt Out is a liquefied acrylamide copolymer with proprietary additives that displaces salts in the soil. It also contains elements that will rapidly improve the colour and vigour of the turf that has been affected by these salts. When applied on a scheduled basis, this product will remove salts from the root zone and coat the plant roots, protecting them from sodium uptake from the irrigation water and salt deposits resulting from heavy fertilizer applications.

  • Very useful especially during dry season due to insufficient rainfall as it assists in leaching of salts from the soil to prevent upward migration of harmful salts that is deposited in the root zone
  • It forms a coat over the roots to prevent sodium salts from interfering in nutrient uptake
  • There is also a surfactant in it that ensures proper soil penetration and uniform moisture distribution all across the application zone
  • Conserves water usage by nearly 20% or more than that

Uniqueness of TeraFlo AG

TeraFlo AG

TeraFlo AG is an eco-friendly polymeric formulation offering a wide range of benefits when used with any kind of plant, tree or grass. The viscous liquid copolymer base has sulfates, humectants and proprietary additives that have specific applications for Fine Turf, Landscaping, Agriculture, Tree Orchards and Horticulture.

  • A universal liquid soil polymer that combines the performance of 5 products in 1
  • Provides immediate heat stress control and drought relief
  • Lowers water friction for quick soil penetration
  • Significantly increases water filtration
  • Improves performance of all other products
  • Thwarts sodium salt build up

Uniqueness of Silv Guard

Silv Guard

Silv Guard is a universally applicable water sterilizing agent. It consists of colloidal silver (AG+) well-known for its powerful oligodynamic and catalytic effect, is combined with stabilizers to form a stable solution.

  • Effective water disinfectant
  • Exceptionally cost effective
  • Capable of eliminating all pathogenic
  • amoeba, biofilms, virus, fungi, bacteria, molds and yeasts without any harmful or side effects

Uniqueness of Silv Clean

Silv Clean

Silv Clean is a superior universal disinfectant is specially developed to inhibit the growth of pathogens on any surface including harvested crops.

  • Does not contain harmful or VOCs or ozone depleting chemicals
  • Scientifically developed to eliminate offensive hospital odours on contact without masking them with fragrances
  • Effective in cleansing the air of various kinds of offensive odours and also to complement existing ventilation systems

Airex DC

Airex DC

Airex DC is a liquid co-polumer with ammonium sulfate and is proven to be highly effective in controlling spray-drif.

  • Effective in controlling spray-drift of any ground or aerial spray applications of water emulsifiable pesticides, PGRs (plant growth regulators) and herbicides
  • Superior drift control for about 30% per acre, making it cost-effective
  • Acts as an adjuvant to enhance the performance of applied chemicals and reduces evaporation

The Nano Bubble Generator

Nano Bubble Generator

The Nano Bubble Generator utilizes the Nano Bubble Technology for improving water quality and water cleaning. It is considered as an ideal application and use in fish and shrimp farming industries, aqua farms and water purification industries.

Scope for Nano Bubble Technology Applications

  • Can be used for treating municipal water discharge to enhance the filtered water in water treatment plants
  • Can be used for enhancing water quality to recycle as non potable water for city dwellers
  • Enables treating municipal water suitable for agriculture and irrigation purposes
  • Making treatment of all waste water for industrial use possible
  • Allows power plant waste water treatment and reuse it as zero discharge or limited discharge
  • Helps conserve water and can be used wherever water resources are scarce
  • Eliminates the use of chlorine for swimming pools

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