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1008 shivas

1008 Shivas

1008 Shivas trust

1008 Shivas Trust, an ancillary of SramMram was started in Cambodia as an exclusive division to spread benevolence, spirituality, sound mental and physical wellbeing and peace via its very many compassionate activities.  As a firm believer of “Service to mankind is service to god himself”, we practice what we preach.

Noted charity projects such as free food for all or Anna Dhanam, orphanage care, widow re-marriage and old age home care for the elderly initiated by our trust has won accolades and recognition from all quarters of the globe. By carrying out social welfare activities, we aim to create awareness among the public and also encourage them to take part in the activities that would help in the development of the society as a whole. No wonder our trust has been attracting scores of volunteers and donors who join hands with us in reaching out to the needy in a bigger scale.

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