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97% of the earth’s water is saline and not suitable for drinking. Desalination is a secure water source that doesn’t depend on the rain.

With the growth of mega cities and changing environmental climate, more and more water-scarce regions are turning towards Desalination of Sea and Brackish waters as a technology of choice to secure sustainable water supplies for their future.

MEC’s novel technological platform offers our patented Graphene Coated membrane that improve filtration rates, reduce chemical dosage and achieve lower plant footprints and cost.

Novel Technologies to provide sustainable water supplies for our future

With a variety of combination utilising the dis-infection, Membrane and biological solutions we meet all the environmental discharge limits and regulations.

MECs novel platCleanTM Cavitator, GraphEATTM, T-FlocTM, GraphEatTM solutions increase productivity, optimises plant operation, increases plant reliability, protects the environment and reduces carbon and water footprints and optimising the plants. Our proprietary remote monitoring system ConnectWeTM offers a 27×7 web and app based remote plant operation and monitoring capabilities.

Our compact and modular solutions utilising RedupodTM pre-fab solutions make sure site operations are less interrupted and our solutions are easy in installation and operation offering superior quality of workmanship and quality as per the industry standard.

With a robust and reliable system we help our clients achieve faster turnaround of their projects.

We support the complete lifecycle of the desalination plant by providing a comprehensive line of products and services to help you stay connected and on budget.

DesalRentalTM: Pre-Engineered Modular Solutions for your Emergency needs

MEC also has a range of pre-engineered, modular solutions to cater to Emergency Water Requirements.

These pre-engineered, pre-fabricated systems are able to be deployed to any type of industry or any part of the world to achieve the highest quality of water as required in a most reliable, speedy and economical manner.

Our solutions meet the strictest quality demands in:

  • Municipal Plants
  • Refineries
  • Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Steel Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Food and Beverages Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

MEC Offerings

We provide the following services:

  • Plant Feasibility studies / evaluation
  • Plant conceptualisation and scope finalisation
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Project management
  • Project Procurement
  • Project Installation
  • Project Commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • After Sales part and service Support
  • Project Financing

MEC the differentiator for your Desalination needs:

  • Single Point Solution Provider
  • Novel Technologies reducing energy consumption and footprint
  • Improved reliability and reducing maintenance costs
  • Results in lower operational cost
  • Peace of mind and ability to focus on core operation
  • Safe and environmentally sound
  • Sustainable water supply by reducing discharge and reuse options
  • Modular designs tailored to specific requirements

Project Financing Offerings

MEC today is able to provide flexibility to its clients to suit their commercial needs

We offer:

  • Build Own Operate (BOO)
  • Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT)

On smaller projects MEC can take the role of the EPC contractor and on medium to larger size projects, MEC engages EPC turnkey contractors as required to manage project construction.