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mall management

Mall Management


Since inception, SRAM MRAM Group has been a trusted IT partner and solution provider for clients of varied industries and principles. As it goes, we understand that every business requires a system and a process to streamline their business management. Having delivered SRAM POS for the F&B Industry, we have addressed the needs of the exclusive retail solution required by a mall.

mall management

Retail Industry is growing daily with more competitive internet shopping spree. To understand the retail industry patterns and deliver futuristic solutions, it takes a leader with experience to tailor-make software. SRAM Mall Management Software (MMS) addresses all the challenges faced daily in operating a successful mall, helping to deliver a quick and sensible response to tenants and their client’s needs. Our software is developed to fit any size of Mall, anywhere in the world with the only aim of delivering an impeccable user experience with superior control over the management of a shopping mall.

SRAM MMS is one exclusive software solution for a mall of any size. Our aim is to simplify mall management with streamlined workflow and centralized data to help property managers work efficiently thereby saving costs and maintaining successful retail center operation.

SRAM MMS offers the solutions for below services of a fully functional mall.

  • Facilities Management
    • Lease / Rent Management
    • Utilities Management
  • Revenue Management
    • Revenue Sharing & Billing – Tracking & Analysis
    • Cashless Transactions
    • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Operations Management
    • Tangible & Intangible Assets Management
  • Sales force Management
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Customer Info & History
    • Marketing – Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer Foot Fall Management
    • Manual Head Count
    • Facial Recognition
    • Beam Break Technology
  • Marketing Management
    • Loyalty Management
    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Social Media & Digital Media Marketing Campaigns
    • Email & Push Notifications
  • Parking Management
    • Space Management
    • Revenue Management
    • Security Management
    • Parking Analytics
  • MIS & Business Intelligence Tool
    • Zero Revenue Leakage
    • Sale Reports
    • MIS & Business Intelligence Reports

Interested to explore how SRAM MMS can help you manage your business effectively. Contact us now for a free consultation and a demo of SRAM MMS.