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Information Technology

Sram RFID warehouse management solutions aim at hassle-free movement and management of inventory in and out of the warehouse which otherwise could prove to be tedious and chaotic. With the help of latest RFID tagging and asset tracking tools, software and methods, we facilitate complete visibility and fool-proof monitoring of inventory items, identify and rectify bottlenecks pertaining to shipping. The information captured and stored on to the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags affixed to objects enables precise identification even when kept away at a considerable distance.


SRAM WMS is a business intelligence tool intended to manage current warehouse difficulties and move ahead with futuristic ideas. It is created as an exclusive end-to-end solution covering software, hardware and data analytics by SRAM MRAM. With sound experience in successfully integrating RFID for retail companies and a dedicated team of professionals at hand, we are raring to reach the global audience. Furthermore, our 24 / 7 support team can be reached by phone, Email or online.

Highlights of SRAM WMS (Warehouse Management System) using RFID:

  • Customized RFID warehouse management solutions based on specific needs
  • Requires minimal infrastructural changes to implement
  • Improves prevailing barcode systems with RFID
  • Augment profits through maximizing floor space utilization, lowering operational expenses, increased production and enhanced client service, without the need for extra manpower
  • Our RFID solutions can assist with fluid, battery, location and status monitoring, offer infallible right of entry control, security and safety audits and KPI reports
  • Helps in faultless vehicle tracking along with reduced on-site vehicle waiting period and quickened inventory loading and unloading
  • Will be able to regulate delivery schedules, quickly
  • Get access to historical data on site and obtain asset status avoiding written logs, then and there
  • Enables automation of processes and workflows and at the same time capturing information on tracked resources across multiple sites
  • Reduce expenses (warehouse labor/ shipping / freight costs / error rectification)
  • Facilitate quick and precise data access for appropriate decisions
  • Provides greater visibility in Global supply chains for retail, logistics, asset and electronic warehouses

Advantage of RFID over barcode labels:

Though barcode labels are a norm in automated warehouses, facilities and distribution centers, RFID has a clear advantage over them, especially in retail business where RIFD tags help tracking of goods at the case, pallet and even items placed on retail shelves. Let us look at some of the facts given below:

  • Unlike barcode labels RIFD tags can be scanned without the need for line of sight, from any direction and also quickly as the scanners are capable of scanning multiple tags at once. This way even a complete pallet load could be read all at the same time.
  • RFID lowers labor costs associated with inventory checking, counting, packing, shipment verification and handling. Few RFID scans can do it all.
  • With RFID, data accuracy and inventory visibility increases. The RFID readers kept at strategic locations such as doorways or portals enable capturing precise information about the entry and exit of inventory items. It means updates regarding items that are returned and recalled too are possible. Whereas with barcodes data accuracy can sometimes get compromised when employees forget to scan an item while transporting.
  • Companies especially dealing with returnable pallets or containers benefit to a greater extent from RFID as it makes tracking easy, lowering theft or loss
  • Unlike linear, conventional barcodes that can hold restricted amount of information, RFID tags are capable of holding huge and various kinds of data that can be accessed even in unapproachable locations sans back-end database connection
  • RFID tags are highly durable with weatherproof qualities which can endure harsh chemicals, sterilization and multiple autoclave cycles as well

SRAM WMS (RFID) working module

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Stage 2
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