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SRAM position as one of Cambodia leading corporates in the agricultural horizon is based on its strong and enduring partnerships with the farming community that has helped transform the rural agricultural sector. The company has envisaged a unique business model through which it would establish a rural digital infrastructure network building kiosks to help understand the agricultural practices of different terrains and regions across the globe.  These  R & D efforts has helped build a competitive and efficient supply chain that caters and delivers immense value addition across the agricultural value chain. SRAM sources the finest of farm Ingredients, Food Grains, pulses, Marine Products, Processed Fruits, Dry Fruits, Beetlenuts etc from across continents and international boundaries and today has the distinction of being one of the top exporters of farm feed and farm products across the globe.

SRAM Agri Business Division is also the company′s third largest business vertical after minerals and Information technology.  The company has been one of leading exporter of agri-products. It currently focuses on exports and domestic trading of:

  • Farm Ingredients – Soya oil
  • Food Grains - Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Corn, Barley & Maize,
  • Dry Fruits – Cashewnuts, beetlenuts
  • Marine Products - Shrimps and Prawns, fish both raw and processed.

SRAM unique strength lies in establishing backward linkages with the farming community thus enabling a highly efficient and cost effective procurement system.  The company has made substantial investments and has made significant inroads in web-enabling the local farmer.  The companies initiatives includes a plan for creating Internet kiosks in villages and enable the agrarian community to embrace technology infrastructure and gain access to on-line information from its website.  The objective is to ensure the farmer possesses the necessary information he needs to have a successful crop and thus become economically independent. Data accessed by the farmers will relate to the weather, crop conditions, best practices in farming, ruling international prices and a host of other relevant information.

To support the initiative, SRAM procurement managers and handling agents across different countries are enabling its Agri Business to source merchandise at very short notice.   The companies logistics and warehousing facilities ensures that there is no shortage of raw material and the company does not fall pray to Seasonal vagaries. Inspite of all these the company has a strict quality control policy which is exercised at every stage of procurement, storage and distribution to ensure preserving e the natural flavour, taste and aroma of all the agri products.

A Customer Centric Approach

Innovation has been the core strength of SRAM Agri Business Division which helps the company retain its prime customers across the globe and continue growing at an exponential rate.   The vision to keep the customer at the centre of all its innovation has helped it retain its position as one of the leading shop for sourcing agri-commodities from across the globe. The company is benchmarking standards in quality, reliability and VAS and setting trends in customer care in the commodity trading space.