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Offering the highest order of respect and reception to Mr. Kadambur Raju, honorable Tamilnadu Information Minister, on his arrival to Malaysia, is team lead by Mr. Sirajudeen the Lisoning Director of SRAM & MRAM group.

The occasion marked the beginning of a series of high-level meetings and discussions of futuristic technologies and its impact on the betterment for the governing bodies of Tamilnadu, India and Malaysia as well. The event witnessed healthy interactions between leaders, thinktank's and technology giants who are launching new-age services and products in Malaysia. The ideas shared during the greet and meet of Hon'ble Kadambur Raju was organized and executed immaculately by Mr. Sirajudeen himself.

Mr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman of SRAM & MRAM Group, for the last two decades has been investing time and effort in launching technology products and services that are ideated and developed the group's technology wing. His out of the box thinking comes by practising the principle of Sanatana Dharma, which is also the base of the 5th Dham Yatra 2019 being held in SiemReap Cambodia. His interests in making the global community unite with feasible technology products and services were recently recognized and awarded by the Malaysia's Prestigious Industry Awards 2019.
Following his footsteps, Mr. Sirajudeen has been tirelessly globetrotting and bringing in promising liaisoning opportunities for the governing bodies of countries of Cambodia, Malaysia and India.

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