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renuka pullat as a producer and distributor dandekar makes a sandwich

RENUKA PULLAT - as a producer and distributor  “Dandekar Makes a Sandwich”

Renuka Pullat

She wears numerous hats at a time yet is humble, level-headed and carries herself with great poise. It is none other than Renuka Pullat, Sram&Mram’s vibrant and dynamic Director heading its Media and Consulting Division. She has an MBA in International Business and Entertainment and more than 15 years of experience in the fields of media, entertainment and realty sector to her credit. Two prestigious companies called Kria Entertainment with its base in US and Siren Media Company located in Cambodia bears her name as a founder. Inspite of being a news maker herself, she takes great interest in planning and executing all promotional and brand building activities of Sram&Mram.

Noted commercial Indian movies with her direct involvement as a producer and distributor include “Dus”, “Sarkar” and “Padmashree Laloo Prasad yadav”. Apart from this, she was an Executive Producer of an independent film by name “Miss India America” that was produced in California and released in the year 2016 theatrically and a drama genre short film called “Dandekar Makes a Sandwich” that was released in the year 2015. She does not stop with producing movies and distributing Bollywood films but gets to the grass root levels of movie making be it raising finances, satisfying shooting necessities, shooting schedule plans or managing post-production work, her presence will be felt everywhere.

Her penchant for social work and welfare of humanity does not allow her give excuses letting go of opportunities. She grabbed one such opportunity and became an executive producer of a film by name “The Valley” - a reel initiative to increase consciousness pertaining to depression and mental illness. It was screened across the world, at various film festivals and won accolades for the good work. 

Author by SRAMMRAM, 10 February, 2018

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