GDIH First Response and Security Group is the official dealer/distributor for medical equipment and health care products for emergency response services with logistics based on the present crisis. we have partnerships with Aim-X for logistic and factory distribution to international global location for government and private sector.

This will include government organization, for example, Fema we are delivering Covid-19 items in mass quantities and to be distributed to Fema region 6.


GdihFirst Response and Security Group are also sourcing the supply of emergency equipment, such as portable emergency isolation, medical units. These portable hospitals will be for immediate implementation for patient care and testing. We will deploy our test kits approved by the IAS, IAF, CE to ISO 13485:2016 and our emergency response first line of defense all key sector workers, including medical, police, ambulance and fire service with all Military personnel.

All our products are in compliance with the following agencies; ISO, FDA SGS, and CE in order to provide quality approved products for this immediate crisis and we are also sourcing and manufacturing for Hospital products for their day to day requirements.

Please consult with our GDIH First Response and Security Group for more details on all our partners and associates.

  • Patient Centric Approach and Easy Access to Medical Care along with empowering the population with Health Awareness.
  • Ensuring Accessibility in difficult terrains, that lack adequate infrastructure.