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Dr Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani receives Doctorate from Malaysia South India Chamber of Commerce

Dr Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, SRAM and MRAM Group, was the proud recipient of the Doctorate in social and charitable movements from the Malaysian South India Chamber of Commerce (MSICC), a premier organization hastening the business needs of the Malaysian and Indian business community.

At a function organized to facilitate various dignitaries from different walks of life from India and Malaysia, Dr Hiranandani was awarded the doctorate amid a lot of fanfare. He was congratulated for his role in organizing a whole lot of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities through his numerous associations and trusts across the globe.

This includes various organisations not only limited to 1008 names of Shivas Association, Angel Xpress, 5th Dham Research, Cambodian Indian Association but a multitude of known and unknown sources through which he helps children, middle-aged men and woman and old aged people.

He has been an excellent incubator for various talents from across the globe. Whether it is downtrodden in war-torn Cambodia in Asia or the miserable from the African continent he has his footprints everywhere helping everyone and nurturing them to growth and fruition.

Dr Hiranandani started his career trading the commodities market in India and Cambodia and gradually entered FX hedging and rollovers from Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. One of the leading experts in JPY hedging, he went on to become the hedge fund manager for a few high net worth individuals.

SRAM, his brainchild formulated under his aegis is today a leading conglomerate with of 500 direct and indirect employees handling equities in India (BSE and NSE), London (FTSE), USA (NASDAQ and DOW Industrials), debt in the Cayman Islands and Mauritius, and the currency markets in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

He is considered an expert in creating and managing hedge funds and floating bonds and debt instruments. He has now a fledgling list of hedge funds managed and operated under his tutelage. With over 40 years of financial acumen, he has now branched out into debt syndication, PE funds management, 1st level and 2nd level angel investing, incubation, venture funding in the fields of information technology and biotechnology.

Today with a personal net worth of over USD 1 billion he manages a few investment options of his own where he invests in futuristic technology primarily in the energy harvesting technologies, big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

SRAM and MRAM Group’s core strengths are agro-products and information technology, with footprints spread across multifarious services, verticals and operations viz., neural networks, artificial intelligence, hedge fund management, FOREX management, hospitality services and solutions, information technology, media and publishing with its online news portal national mindset, embedded systems and infrastructure.

The Malaysian South India Chamber of Commerce, or MSICC as it is popularly known, is the premier body of business and industry establishing relations between the expatriate South Indian community settled in Malaysia with their ancestral roots in India.

The membership of the Chamber comprises several of the largest corporate groups in both India and Malaysia, with business operations all across the globe. Set up by a group of pioneering industrialists led by Dato Shri Venugopal, the MSICC was closely associated with the Indian and Malaysian business fraternity, as the first organised voice of indigenous South Indian and the Malaysian industries.

Dato Shri Venugopal has been a pioneer businessman and a philanthropic par excellence and in association with several of the distinguished industry leaders in India and Malaysia such as Dr R Ramadas, Ex-MP and MLA of Tamil Nadu and a businessman par excellence, Dato Dr Kamaleswaran, Chairman and Managing Director of the Trivento group of companies, Sirajuddin Shahul Hameed, Chairman of SIRAJ Exim, have fronted the MSICC as its associates.

Dato Dr Kamaleswaran, a business tycoon is currently concentrating on F&B business sector and is all set to launch into the e-hailing travel and tourism market with the launching of HeyyCAB. He will be partnering SRAM in this venture and has assured that with his network would be able to break even within a period of 24 months from the date of the launch of the e-hailing application.

Dr Sirajuddin Hameed, was all praise for the efforts put in by MSICC in organising the event and helping the business communities from across the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean to meet on common ground. Dr Sirajuddin will soon be seen donning the certification hat by launching global halal tourism in Malaysia and the other Far Eastern economies.

Dr Jayanti, one of the pioneering members of Malaysian Asian Chamber of Commerce has been at the forefront of organizing various charitable events to promote woman empowerment in Malaysia. She has been the associate member of MSICC and has helped bridge the gaps between the Indian and the Malaysian business strata.

One of the most pro-active Chambers in Malaysia, the MSICC has been privileged to interact and host several of the esteemed Indian and Indian origin businessmen in the past and the present. With over eight years of service to the nation, the MSICC retains the character of being the premier Chamber with senior Indian industry leaders forming the core of its Executive Committee or the Governing Board of the Chamber.

Its enlightened leadership and membership have enabled the MSICC to move ahead and respond pro-actively to the dynamic changes that have taken place in the world order and with a vision for the future.

It has always been alive to the pulse of the environment in which it operates. Through the Chambers enlightened leadership, its powerful and progressive membership of important companies and its professional secretariat, the MSICC has adapted to the changes in the global order and is moving ahead with confidence to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


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