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Covid-19 Relief, Feeding Street Animals with Fresh Food & Water Supply

While the human race is fighting the pandemic spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the imminent effect of shutdown is visible on the prime stretch of streets that served as home to stray animals viz., dogs, cows and birds.Renowned animal rights activists are raising their concerns and clarifications about the unending grapevines about animals being carriers of the coronavirus. Struggling to beat the summer heat in absence of food and water, the dogs and animals alike seem to have grown restless and aggressive.

According to India’s Livestock Census-2012, there are about 17.13 million stray dogs and 5.28 million cattle in India. Another estimate as of 2018 says the population of stray dogs in India is around 30–35 million. As nations are going on a lockdown mode, street animals have lost their daily means that depend on roadside eateries and volunteers looking after them. There are recorded events of abandonment of companion animals, ill-treatment of healthy strays and resistance to those feeding strays and shelter animals.

SRAM & MRAM Group and its team is joining hands with India’s Central and State governments employees taking initiatives in sponsoring food for the street animals. SRAM & MRAM Group, as part of its Covid-19 relief CSR activities has started anotherhumanitarianfood sponsor drive to serve the hungry caninesand animals across India. The team is also creating and replenishing water bowls with fresh water, offering stray animals and birds a respite from the summer heatwaves. The healthy food and freshwater distribution is executed everyday by the employees and volunteers of SRAM & MRAM Group across various cities of India.

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