5th Dham – seam reap to Prayagraj, Sanatan dharm journey starts


5th Dham – seam reap to Prayagraj, Sanatan dharm journey starts

New Delhi [India], Feb 11 (ANI): Cambodia and India are preparing themselves for a holy pilgrimage trip that will encompass millions of the Indian Diaspora from across the world that will send them on a spiritual trail culminating at the 5th Dham at Seam Reap, Cambodia.

Cambodia as most people know being a predominantly Buddhist society but has deep rooted ties with Hinduism, Hindu Idolatry and Hindu mythology.

The magnificent Angkor Wat, the largest Hindu Temple built by a Hindu King. The same is metamorphasised at Continuing the tradition the 5th Dham is being consecrated at the very place in Seam Reap by 1008 Names of Shivas Association, a trust which has visions of a united Sanathana Culture to prevail among all its followers.

The fist of the same is being conducted currently at the Kumbh Mela 2019, the epitome congregation of more than 100 million pilgrims, nearly 1/10th of India’s population, gathered to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Regardless of age and gender the Kumbh mela represents the stream of knowledge, spirituality, peace and harmony by celebrating soul cleansing and salvation by taking a holy dip in the sacred rivers.

The mela enables awakening to spirituality, accepting the essence of numerous rituals and activities instilling the country’s rich culture and patriotism alike. The event witnesses immensely devotional and scientific insights.

1008 Names of Shivas, a trust operating from Cambodia and whose trustees include some prominent members from the country including but not limited to Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman – SRAM & MRAM group, Mr. Indresh Kumar, National Convener – RSS, Mr. Shyam Parande, Sr. Leader – RSS, Dato. Ram Nair, Industrialist, Mr. Sailesh Vats, Sr. Leader – RSS, Mr. Ajitabh Bachchan, Industrialist, Mr. Pardeep Batra, Hotelier, Mr. Kitty Navani, Industrialist, Ms. Mary Mam, Director – SRAM & MRAM, Mr. Rahul Shah, Director – Master Tour, Mr. Nitin Gupta, Technocrat, Shree Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji, Spiritual Guru, has opened a prominently located stall in Kumbh Mela, helping pilgrims to walk-in, meet and understand the very concept of Sanathana Dharma ordained under the 5th Dham.

A rally is being taken out by 1008 names of Shivas from Varanasi, the most sacred of Indian cities to almost all of the major temples across India explaining the 5th Dham and the Sanathana Dharma. Prasad will be distributed at each of the temples.

The 1008 Names of Shiva Association is conducting contests to choose lucky pilgrims for an all-expense paid trip 5th Dham, Cambodia. The winners will visit Cambodia, pay offerings at the historical landmarks of Cambodia, the Angkor Wat (The world’s largest Hindu Temple) and Siem Reap (The Valley of a 1000 Shiv Ling’s). This story is provided by NewsVoir. (ANI)


SMEXASEAN launches platform for India

The MSME sector in India is set to get a boost with the launch of SMEXIndia, a division of SMEXASEAN, an online marketplace owned and operated by SRAM MRAM Group, a UK-based international conglomerate with footprints across 5 continents and 12 countries.

SMEXASEAN, is an online marketplace for SMEs in the ASEAN region. SMEXINDIA has been fashioned similarly for the Indian market. As a virtual superhighway, SMEXINDIA aims to tap full potential of the government-backed initiatives to create a global marketplace which will for the first time bring in businesses, governments, banks, insurance companies, freight and logistics companies, NGOs, charitable organisations and the consumers under one roof. The objective would be to create a virtual store which could supply any product of any range of price or size.

SMEXINDIA has launched its online portal SMEXIndia.com, which will allow Indian sellers to meet global buyers. The makers will display their products on the portal and SRAM & MRAM will provide its offices worldwide to service their requirements. In addition, wherever necessary, it may also consider opening representative offices to support the Indian SMEs sell their products. The interface will enable smoother transactions and help forge better connections between established brands and small entrepreneurs.


SMEXINDIA to give nation’s SMEs impetus for growth

The SME”>MSME Sector in India is set to take a huge leap with the proposed launch of SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA, a division of SMEXASEAN, an online marketplace owned and operated by SRAM & MRAM Group, a leading international conglomerate with footprints across 5 continents and 12 countries from their headquarters in the United Kingdom.

SMEXASEAN, is an online marketplace for SMEs in the ASEAN region. Close on the heels of SMEXASEAN, SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA is tailor-made for the Indian SMESector. Speaking at the launch of SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA, Shri Indresh Kumar, National Executive Member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh said he was pleased at the way SMEXASEAN was being organised and operated by SRAM & MRAM Group, with a focus on the Indian SME sector.

Shri Kumar added that with the help of Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman of SRAM & MRAM Group, he had made special efforts to initiate the process of bringing SMEXASEAN to India in its new avatar as SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA. Shri Indresh Kumar and his team headed by Mr. Shailesh Vats, have taken keeninterest in SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA to make it the instrument for India’s SME (small & medium enterprise) sector. Speaking on the sidelines of the Global Bharat March, Shri Indresh Kumar said social divide on the lines of caste, colour and community had dealt immense loss to the country and world and time is to overcome these barriers and achieve welfare through economic growth.

SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA will be started by its visionary Chairman Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani in association with Infinite New India Movement. Shri Shailesh Vats, convenor of the conclave, is the OSD to Lakshadweep and he would be the bridge between SRAM & Infinite New India Movement. Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, whose penchant for identifying futuristic technologies, recently tied up with COSMO Solutions Private Limited to arrange funds and land to setup a manufacturing unit for his energy harvesting solutions in South Africa. Mr. Nitin Mahendraprasad Gupta, Renowned Scientist, Director of Cosmo Solutions, a technocrat, inventor and owner of a multitude of patents, said that on the recommendation of Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani is considering putting up the manufacturing base for his energy harvesting solutions facility in India under the Make in India Initiative of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Gupta has been a front runner in various technologies with multiple patents in the fields of renewable energy, storage and auto ancillaries. He and his team are currently doing a lot of innovative research in the fields of energy using nanotechnology.

SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA aims to tap full potential of the government-backed initiatives to create a global marketplace which will for the first time bring in businesses, governments, banks, insurance companies, freight and logistics companies, NGOs, charitable organisations and the consumers under one roof. The objective would be to create a virtual store which could supply any product of any range of price or size. A virtual superhighway is what is being planned by Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani and his team of visionaries headed by Dato Ramakrishnan Nair and Mr. Shailesh Vats.
Citing the vision of revolutionaries of India’s Freedom Struggle and the achievements of the present-day Government of India, Mr. M J Akbar, Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs said that when like-minded people join hands, success is inevitable. Gen. V K Singh, Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs, said that entrepreneurs like Dr. Hiranandani, whose roots are in India should help in the economic development of the country and should contribute towards the uplift of the country.

Gurujee Shree Kumaran Swamijee, who is a spiritual guru and the biggest advocate of India across the globe with his various social activities said that his organisation has been working with SRAM & MRAM in various CSR initiatives to help the poor and downtrodden in various parts of the globe. He was all praise for the efforts put in by Shri Shailesh Vats and Dr. Hiranandani to help the Indian entrepreneurs and said the project has blessings.
Dato Ramakrishnan Nair, Dy. Chairman, SRAM & MRAM, and NEW INDIA and SRAM & MRAM Federation, emphasised the need to strengthen the base of the industrial growth pyramid which forms 70% of any industrial revolution. 30% of all the top industries depends entirely on the ancillary companies which grow as an offshoot to the bigger industrial players but without whom the larger industries cannot survive or thrive in the current competitive environment. By strengthening the SME sector, we will build a stronger and wider foundation and with a symbiotic approach will be able to weather any storm. Each of the SME sectors can feed off each other thus enabling faster and sustained growth. Mr. Shailesh Vats, indicated that the trade growth matrix in India will look positively upwards and is expected to cross USD 50 Bn in the coming months thanks to initiatives by the government.

Dato Ram Nair, said that Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani wanted a strong Indian presence in the Global SME market place due to its cheaper and skilled work force and thus initiated this confluence between the SME and the Macro Industrial players to merge their respective core competencies in building a better SME market force that can battle international competition. Dato Nair stressed the need for Infinite New India Movement to play the role of a moderator by providing guidance on policy advocacy and creative a competitive business environment, thus creating the next generation entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the international markets with zest.

Speaking at the conference to highlight “THE GLOBAL MARCH OF BHARAT – NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION OF INDIA TOWARDS A GREAT BHARAT”, Mr. Shailesh Vats, Convenor of the grand conclave, envisaged the need to bring in the smaller organisations or to be more specific, strengthen the SME sector as the pivot point for growth of any country and its business. The nerve center of any industrial growth is the SME Sector. Without the cog being in the right place businesses will slump and lead to drastic reduction in industrial growth. He feels that SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA, a government supported initiative without any political affiliation will provide the gateway for Indian SMEs to face the challenges of a competitive global environment by providing the necessary innovation, enhancing production capacity, access the financial, technical and human resources from across the globe and create the necessary talent pool to enter the global business domain.

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Head of the advisory Board and the founder of SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA, and the pioneer in bringing micro and macro financing architecture to the SME sectors in Cambodia, Indonesia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, has been in the forefront of Industrial growth across all the above nations and is all set to bring in his vast repertoire of experience to help build SMEXINDIA”>SMEXINDIA. Along with his team of experts, he has built a growth map for the industrial growth of India with its focus on micro-financing of the SME sector, thus enabling the smaller companies to play a pivotal role in the nation building exercise.



The marketplace, to be built as a mall, would soon be launched to help Indonesian SMEs tap into the Middle East market and for Bahrain to strengthen its bilateral trade relationship with Indonesia. This was announced at a press conference held yesterday at Capital Club premises in Manama. 500 to 700 SMEs, majority of whom will be from Indonesia and rest from Bahrain, will sell their products at the market place.The project was brought to Bahrain by the initiative of KHK Holding and through a joint venture partnership between Exelon, Smexindo and Sram & Mram Resources Company. However, the organizers are yet to finalize the land where the mall will be established.

“This will be a mall, with hundreds of shops. This will facilitate business to customer (B2C) as well as business to business (B2B) relationship. There will be a facility to export from here to other countries. This will also be a base for the Middle East operations,” Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, Sram & Mram Resources Company told DT News. He said that an Industrial park will also be launched. “Some of the SMEs will bring the raw materials here and manufacture here.”

Addressing the press conference were Samsul Hadi, Founder Chairman, Smexindo & Indukumkm, Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, Sram & Mram Resources Company WLL, Nur Syahrir Rahardjo, Indonesian Ambassador, Mohammad Mansoor, CEO & Managing Director, Exelon Industrial Solutions and Mohammad Shahid, CEO, KHK Holdings.

“I am very grateful to His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa for having extended an olive branch to all of us here to showcase our products and start the venture which should be the beginning of a symbolic relation between Bahrain and Indonesia,” said Mansoor.

“On this occasion, I would like to take this opportunity to showcase the vision of KHK Holdings in your midst. The Kingdom of Bahrain is committed to sports and sporting events and his Highness Shaikh Khalid has taken personal interest in promoting sporting events in Manama. We propose to conduct at least 2 competition every year in Indonesia. On each in Jakarta and Bali.” said Shahid.

“Indonesia always considers Bahrain very important due to its strategic role as a trading gateway into the Middle East and there are some Indonesian products such as furniture, garment, textile and may more potential products to enter Bahrain market as well as Middle East market,” Hariadi Saptadji, Chairman of Indukumkm said.



KHK Sports in association with Exelon conducted the official ticket launch of the Bahrain Premier league.

Bahrain Premier League is a franchise based T20 Cricket tournament held under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. The league will comprise of six teams of 13 resident cricketers competing in the T20 format of cricket.

Teams were bought by six corporates SRam & MRam Lions, Intex Falcons, Awan Warriors, Four Square Challengers, Bahrain Knight Riders and Bahrain Supergiants.

The matches will commence on January 26th and will continue until March 9th.

Mohammed Shahid, CEO of KHK Sports released the first ticket to Guruji Kuraman Swami who represented the platinum sponsor, Intex. Mohammed Shahid later handed over the key of Chevrolet Aveo which is the grand price powered by sponsor SRAM & MRAM to Saleem Ilyasi, President of Cricket Bahrain Association.

Mohammad Mansoor President of Bahrain Premier League thanked His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa for patronising the first and only International premier league from the Kingdom of Bahrain and for the initiative to make Bahrain an International Cricket destination.

Bahrain Premier league will be associated with Cricket Bahrain Association which is affiliated by International Cricket Council & Asian Cricket Council.

Mansoor also thanked Mohammad Akeel, Managing Director of the title sponsor of Bahrain Premier League – Coca Cola. Punith, Marketing Manager of Coca Cola extended the support in making this as a biggest cricket event in Bahrain.



The National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) CORPORATION will provide a disparity to the 30th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM30) by opening participation from international production, especially Asian countries.

Its Datuk Fauzi Ayob said in conjunction with the FFM30 to be held this December, FINAS intends to lift the homeland film festival to the international scene.

“FINAS is still discussing with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia as well as various agencies to invite filmmakers from overseas.

“Whether their film product will be nominated in the special award category or participate in the show, it will be decided later,” he said.

Fauzi said this when met at the signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding between SRAM & MRAM Technologies & Resources Ltd with Produksi Seni 2020.

Also launched, Jupiter X11 Fund and 26 episode serial drama Moonlight Saigon in Kuala Lumpur, today.

Speaking of the cooperation between the production company from Vietnam and the Produksi Seni 2020, Fauzi said it is a great joint venture in promoting attractive local locations to overseas production

“The drama of the Moonlight Saigon series is performed in Vietnam and Malaysia, which is a very good destination.

“It provides space for Malaysia to promote the location of filming films to international production companies,” he said.